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Life Clubs Westminster

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Change of Venue!! We're back at the Abbey Community Centre as of May 2013. 34 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BU, UK.

Our weekly workshops have been inspiring life changes since 2004. Life Clubs was founded by Nina Grunfeld, former Daily Telegraph (Get A Life) columnist.

Life Clubs provide weekly practical, fun and inspirational workshops which act as affordable expert guides to self-confidence and improvement. Life Clubs are a great way of gaining useful tools to aid you in getting more of what you want!

Each workshop have been specifically designed to help you gain self-knowledge on everything from relationships to reaching your goals.  Come every week or just whenever you fancy the workshop!

£17.50 per workshop online.

(Please note that if you have bought a package of 10 workshops, please could you let us know of you attendance in advance of each workshop you attend.

Upcoming workshops - click here for full 2013 list 

Week of 11th November-

Is It What You Really Want? : What Are You Overdoing?

Breaking Bad Habits

During much of our waking lives we act according to our habits, from the time we rise and go through our morning routines until we fall asleep after evening routines.
Dr Ann Graybiel, MIT Institute Professor  

  • Wasting time on things you no longer enjoy?
  • Have your habits taken over your life?
  • Living on autopilot?

Our habits (worrying, exercising, sleeping, eating, drinking etc) dominate most of our time without us even realising it. This is manageable until our habits start becoming excessive.

Excessive behaviour impacts on our daily lives. It may begin with an enjoyment of something, but ends with us retreating to the safety of these habits to escape our negative inner feelings. Finally it obscures what we really want from life, diminishes our energy and productivity and keeps us idling in our comfort zone.

This workshop will firstly help you become aware of your habitual behaviour. It will then enable you to identify what it is that you really want and the habits you will need to adopt to get there. It will provide you with the tools to change and to lead a more successful, fulfilled and happy life.

So, come along and find What You Really Want….

Or maybe start by asking yourself… Is This What I Really Want?

To find out where this workshop is running, and book your place today, click here.


Week of 18th November - 
Mirror, Mirror : The Gift Of Personal Insight

  • Always compare yourself unfavourably with other people?
  • No idea what your strengths are?
  • Feeling under-confident in a part of your life?

The Gift of Personal Insight

Korn/Ferry International, the world’s largest executive recruiting firm, conducted a self-assessment study of 2,754 executives to find that nearly 80% believed a certain skill to be their strongest when actually their peers ranked it as their weakest and 40% had hidden strengths that they weren’t aware of.

Most of us are convinced that we know our own qualities and limitations well; armed with this security we battle through life safe in the assumption that we are operating as our most successful self.  When considering Korn/Ferry’s research and others like it the transparency of this perception becomes all too clear.

The judgments you make about yourself impact on your self-regulation, your relationships, your productivity at work and everything else.
Mirror Mirror will let you see your true self for the first time. Your will discover that the qualities you admire most in others are also part of you and, through this acknowledgment, you can start to remold your life around your newly found attributes.

Become more aligned with the ‘real’ you and realise your own potential - give yourself The Gift of Personal Insight.


  • Identify qualities in yourself that you admire in others 
  • Find traits in your role models and use them for inspiration 
  • Gain self-awareness by looking at the heroic you


Week of 25th November: 
Stories We Tell

Telling tales to solve your troubles

  • Feel you're not imaginative?
  • Think you're no good at telling stories?
  • Want to learn about yourself through the art of story-telling?

Story-telling has been around for 27,000 years - since the first ancient cave paintings were found - and we are still getting absorbed by them today. Indeed, research proves that stories engage more brain areas and are more persuasive than facts and statistics. The Stories We Tell is all about tapping into the power of story telling to help you better understand yourself and your problems.

This workshop will introduce you to a unique and effective tool developed by Life Clubs which will bring a new perspective to current issues in your life. You will learn how to describe your problems in a third person story form, which will give you the distance you need to view your worries from a different perspective. Your problems will become less suffocating and their solutions clear and achievable, plus you get to be the main character.

You may think that this workshop is not for you because you’ve never thought of yourself as a story-teller before. You may have even told yourself the stories ‘I’m have no imagination’ or ‘I’m not creative enough.’ Ignore those thoughts. Anthropologist Robin Dunbar found that 65% of our conversations are spent talking about social topics told in a story form. You’re already an expert, just like your ancestors before you, why not put your story-telling prowess to good use?


Week of 2nd December: 
The Power Of What? Asking The Right Questions


Questions are the answer.

  • Would you like to be able to tap into your intuition?
  • Want to learn questions that delve deeper?
  • Want richer conversations with others?


We subconsciously and habitually ask ourselves questions all the time. The problem is that most of these questions are the wrong ones.


Questions are powerful tools; they can motivate us, ignite hope and lead to new insights. They can force us out of our traditional way of thinking, enabling us to rediscover what we really want from life and help us achieve our goals.


However, if we ask the wrong questions we can remain stuck on the negatives and obsessing over the past, leaving us feeling hopeless and disempowered.


This workshop will teach you about the two main types of questions and the pros and cons of using them. It will enable you to become conscious of the questions you are asking yourself and others. It will show you how to redefine these questions to focus on the positive, how to manipulate these positive questions to find an answer and how to listen to your intuition.


We live in a society that requires quick, efficient, and decisive answers, but there’s no need to restrict yourself to these. Learn how to ask the questions that will enable you to fully explore your knowledge and feelings so that you can discover how you truly feel about a situation.


So let’s tap in the positive ability of question asking- it’ll change your life.

Week of 9th December 
What Are You Waiting For?

  • Are you a last-minute person?
  • Do you have lots of unfinished tasks around?
  • Do you know you procrastinate?

Stop feeling guilty about not getting on with things - get it together to come to this workshop and end procrastination for good

Learn: The three reasons for procrastination and how to get through them
Improve: Your efficiency and productiveness
An organisation workshop: You'll feel energised and ready to go
Why now?: It's always good to get going - and why not at the start of the year?
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: And this workshop will get you acting more clearly too!

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