Achievers Academy for Women

More Quality Connections

More Quality Social Relationships

More Quality Thinking

More Memorable Experiences


Jo Cameron’s Achievers Academy is for women who want more. More quality contacts, more quality thinking, more memorable events and more support and friendships.

What makes it different? There are several key things:

The people.

Everyone in our Academy has to apply for their place and we regularly turn down people who are not ready to be part of our Academy. Our biggest assest is our people and we protect them passionately.

The product.

What you get for your money is much more than anywhere else AND you don't have to pay anything extra for your meetings.The Academy has been years in the making so it has a great structure, fantastic energy and always something new to keep you excited.

The meetings themselves.

Each month there is a different topic which forms the basis of the meeting which ensures that you maintain interest and value from your membership.

What else?

AAW is dedicated to Women's Leadership and encouraging more women to think bigger about what they can achieve. 

All our members are encouraged to set ambitious targets for themselves and their businesses.

Our Premier members meet monthly and our online community meet virtually on the web.

Our members gain new friendships, new business and a belief in themselves that they never thought possible.

“You will be richer in every way as a membr of AAW. I hope to meet you in person one day”
  Jo Cameron, Founder and CEO AAW

Live Events (18)
Past Events (183)