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Richard III.
An audience.
All the world is a stage.
What part will you play?

Pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean Performance, Brite Theater have re-imagined Richard III as a one- woman show. The fourth wall has been utterly obliterated as you the audience takes on the roles of all the other characters at Richard's party in this intimate, exciting and moving production. Let Richard entertain you...but will you survive?

Adaptation by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir and Emily Carding
Direction by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir
Performance, props and poster by Emily Carding
​A Brite Theater Production 

First developed in a residency at Tjarnarbio Theatre, Reykjavik in November 2014, premiered at Prague Fringe 2015. 

Even more sinister than other Richards I have seen on stage and film...it touched me deeper.
Silja Aðalsteinsdóttir, Tjarnarbio, Reykjavik, November 2014
'a prime example of daring and inspired programming.'
Lou Trimbly, Bristol 24/7
Audience reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe

Ben Blow
Spend an hour in the dubious company of that most infamous of English kings and find yourself both fellow conspirator and victim of his unbridled ambition. The setting is simplistic and intimate perhaps too intimate to be comfortable in the presence of such an exquisitely damaged mind. You will be invited to take part but don't worry Richard doesn't need you to speak; just do as he says. For the love of God please do what he says. Just enjoy the tragedy unravel, laugh at the casual cruelty and spare a moment of compassion for the lonely monster in solitude and betrayal.

Elizabeth Kingsley
Completely agree with all the other rave reviews. A week later I still find myself thinking about this show and wishing I could see it again. It's a remarkable piece of theater.

Cynthia Pendergast
Emily Carding's performance of Richard III has been the best show I have seen in the Fringe this year!!! The space at St. John's is a perfect setting for the intimate performance of this piece in which Emily welcomes and interacts with her audience, using both humour and a commanding performance. The whole audience shares the experience and journey together and leaves delighted at the end. Thank you to Emily and the director, Kolbrun for this production. Please, do come back to Edinburgh soon with more shows like this one!

Mark Hendrickson
Of all the very many shows I saw in one week at the Fringe, Emily Carding's performance of Richard III was the best. She inhabited the role and projected a feeling of real menace from the character. A great acting performance of an often overacted role. The play gave the feeling of a real person in pursuit of power, with no boundaries in that pursuit. A must see.

Monica Salvi
Best find of EdFringe so far! Innovative, charming and very entertaining staging which allows the audience to completely immerse themselves in the story and interact with King Richard himself - masterfully portrayed by charismatic actress Emily Carding. Her modern take on the Shakesperean villain, her characterization full of nuances and her skillful interaction with members of the audience, allow us to understand and also feel sympathy for this very complicated character. I will see it again and will look out for future Brite Theatre productions!