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Brown Beauty Standards

Make up IS for everyone. The beauty community online has become more and more vocal about how makeup, justice and identity are bound together.

Makeup, like anything else image-related, can bring up complicated feelings about yourself. Whether that is related to race, body size, sexuality, gender, or hair, we can use makeup to uplift us, and to degrade us. Something that I feel is missing from the blog and YouTube beauty world is the freedom to use makeup in ways that celebrate difference and the fluidity of identity without Eurocentric and hetero cis centric standards. Makeup can be whatever it is for you. You put it on, you choose how to, where to, when to wear it. Of course many of us are raised to wear makeup in a certain way, or not to wear it at all. Like clothing and hair, makeup represents a battleground for marginalised people. We have to ask ourselves daily how we want to present ourselves to the world that day.

In my own small way, I want to present more options to you, without boundaries about who makeup is for or how you should look. I want to give people the tools to look how they wish to look, that can mean teaching practical skills, recommending products, and simply giving you permission to do this or that to your face.