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Christian Rodwell

My name is Christian Rodwell. I’m 35 years old and i live in London, UK. On December 23rd 2014 i gave up my full time job as Label Director for Cr2 Records, an independent Dance Music Record Company, and decided to work full time on myself in the quest for financial freedom.

I am the founder of Felcourt Property Investments, specializing in securing below market value residential properties in London for Buy To Let Investors. 

I am a trader. I use technical analysis to identify long term trends and this proves to be a higly successful strategy which takes up no more than 20 minutes of my time each day. I typically will hold trades for several weeks or even months allowing me realise substantial profits. 

At the beginning of 2015 i set up a networking group called 'Escape The Rat Race...within 12 months'. My reasons behind this were to build a community of like-minded people who support and motivate one another, sharing business ideas which can help to generate additional sources of revenue whilst still maintaining a 9-5 job. The goal is to be able to 'Sack Your Boss!' within 12 months, and i'm pleased to say that many of our members are well on their way to achieving this. If you would like to request an invite to join our group you can click HERE