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I am an ex Commercial banker that realised that life should be enjoyed, and that too much of my time was spent worrying about a company that really cared nothing of me or the customers I managed.

With a burning desire to help rather than hinder, I wanted to start a company that helped give people the tools to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that we call life. 


I had a mind that always seem to worry, plan and plot  about a plethora of potential future events, and was always associating everything with past issues. It meant I never actually enjoyed the present moment. 


This is where meditation and mindfulness literally changed my life (aside from my supporting wife). Mindfulness techniques taught me to step back from situations, understanding where my emotions were bubbling from, and releasing thoughts that seemingly arose from nowhere. As someone that has battled with depression for 17 years mindfulness and meditation calmed my mind and gave me clarity in a way that it almost can not be explained. It taught me patience, and empathy and how not to judge.  It gave me space to start enjoying the present moment. It helped me capture presence.


I have completed various meditation and mindfulness courses over the years from the likes of Adyashanti, Deepak Chopra, Sharon Salzburg, Reggie Ray, Ram Dass, Shinzen Young, Mingyur Rinpoche, Thrangu Rinpoche and many others, and through there wonderful lessons, and the level of change I began to see in me I wanted to start teaching this amazing life tool to others. Too many people think meditation and mindfulness is just a tool to help you become "spiritually enlightened" or misunderstanding the word, "awake". You do awake from a slumber, only to realise there is a symphony of experiences you are missing out on right here, right now. Whether that makes you spiritually enlightened or not, no one will know, the real benefit to you is that you become alive. 


Before I started teaching I wanted to ensure I had the necessary qualifications to be a meditation teacher, so I went and studied with the British School of Meditation. They are the only recognised body in the UK for meditation teachers. After several months of testing I received their highest accolade, a Distinction in their Diploma on Meditation & Mindfulness Teaching (attached below).
I have also completed the Hinayana Exam with Dharma Ocean, part of the Kagyu Lineage, first brought to the west by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Dharma Ocean is where I have undertook refuge. My name is 'Dharma Sky Dancer'.

I started applying mindfulness meditation
techniques and it has changed my life. Find out how it can help change yours.


My current studies include:


Sutrayana - Mahayana - intensive - Reggie Ray & Dharma Ocean


The Power of Awareness - Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach


Human Givens - Diploma


CBT - Diploma​​​