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Ed J C Smith

Expert in the 7 Elements to Wealth & Emotional Intelligence
BSc Business & Psychology

Ed is a raw entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 16. He has started, built and grown over 48 different businesses to date and speaks all over the globe about strategies to help others do the same. An internationally renowned expert in the area of psychology performance and business, Ed has used cognitive psychology and NLP in therapy, leadership and business for over 16 years and has taught business skills and psychology in some of the most prestigious facilities in London, the United States and Australia, including the Joshi Clinic in Wimpole Street where clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana are and were regulars.    

Having worked with some of the largest global companies in the world and personally owning an investment firm that allows people to create financial freedom, Ed takes you through a unique systematic approach to business psychology and peformance, so that you can have a real working knowledge of how to apply it instantly to your own business and personal life enabling you to create the wealth and freedom you deserve. 
Ed talks all over the world about the practical application of business psychology, how it can be applied to break through your limitations, how he personal built a multi-million pound business portfolio to achieve financially freedom at an early age and gives you a step by step formula so that you can do the same too.