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Homes and Communities Agency

The Homes and Communities Agency offers hands on training for new and inexperienced users in the use of IMS for the Affordable Homes Programme 15-18 and the Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016-21.  Courses are delivered at our offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Warrington in small group sessions.


We also have a number of IMS Training videos on our YouTube channel.  AHP/SOAHP videos can be found here,  Help to Buy videos can be found here (link to follow shortly).


The course 'AHP 15-18 Profiles to Payments' is currently open for bookings for courses taking place in November/December.  This course is a full day course and looks at taking an approved Offer line in IMS through to a first payment claim.  You can book at any location regardless of where your provision is based, course links to book a place are below.


You must have an approved AHP 15-18 allocation and HCA IMS User ID to attend.


Any questions should be directed to