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Joanne Bull - Calm Works

Hello I’m Joe and I’m based in Holgate, York where you’ll find me working from my spacious and calm treatment room called The Loft.  I offer flexible sessions working both one to one and in small groups using The Healthy MMMs;  MassageMindfulness and Meditation.

Joe Bull - Calmworks

The Calm Works mission is to provide you with a holistic, healing environment and a treatment or course to enable you to discover easy and enjoyable approaches which can help you to release physical tension and pain, slow down and calm an overactive mind, to soothe your emotions and to help you live the fullest life you can with a greater sense of well-being!


I really love my work. I enjoy helping people to regain their sense of inner calm to enable them to feel more relaxed, have more mental clarity and to feel more balanced in general and during stressful challenging times they have the skills and resilience to cope with the demands of our modern, 24/7 lifestyle. 


Come to The Loft with an open mind, start listening to what your body needs and discover well-being magic with The Healthy MMMs! Learn how to take time “out” so you can then have more to give back