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Lauren MacNeish

My career in photography started in 2009 during my last year of college. I started working in a portrait studio and was there for 2 years. I learnt a lot during these 2 years - primarily, using light creatively - whether that be through natural light or flash.

I eventually took over that studio and ran photography workshops in manual photography and creativity.

My initial attraction with photography was for the journalism side of things – I am passionate about telling stories through photography and recording moments - so, in 2013, I was grateful for an opportunity that came along to work as an editorial photographer.

The skills I learnt as an editorial photographer are still key to the photographs that I take today - with regard to composition and creativity.

I then went on to train clients with Fujifilm and gained a lot of knowledge about the industry through this role. I promoted the Fujifilm X range to clients and customers by conducting fun and laid-back training sessions during regular store visits in stores across the UK. I became well-known for bringing in fresh training ideas to the stores that I visited.

I am based near Edinburgh in Scotland and now focus on shooting landscapes in my spare time, alongside working for the amazing team at SmugMug. I also organize various free meet ups, which you can find below. 

I can't imagine a life without photography; it is such a great source of expression and story-telling. The good thing about photography is that you can never know it all and every day sees new challenges, which keeps things fresh and interesting.

Drop me a tweet: @laurenmacneish  :-)