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Leaner Stronger You

Jenny Nim is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, with over 6 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She follows a holistic, pragmatic approach towards training and nutrition, encompassing the four dimensions of health - physical, emotional/spiritual, intellectual and social.

Jenny works with busy, successful entrepreneurs and executives, aged between 35-50. She works with people who have a body fat percentage of 25% or over, who are stuck in the destructive yoyo and restrictive dieting cycle and have grown fed up of being on/off a diet. They are ready to let go of quick fixes and embrace a method that will keep the fat off. For good.




"Since starting work with Jenny I have seen significant improvements in my approach to nutritional goals. Being accountable to someone helps immeasurably with making sure that macro and calorie requirements for the day are met, and Jenny has made me realise that a consistent yet simple approach to creating a small energy deficit can have excellent results. At no stage have I felt that I am on a diet and am able to enjoy social situations (which may have been problematic in the past) with ease. Jenny is highly approachable and excellent at developing a strong working relationship to maximise results; I can't recommend her highly enough."

Will Balkwill


"Jenny has been working with me for just under a year now. As someone with a full-on career, family (3 teenagers) and the wrong side of 40, finding time to look after myself is always going to be a challenge. Jenny seems to be able to find the balance between pushing me hard enough to me to meet my goals whilst understanding the practicalities of work/life balance (or imbalance). She is incredibly knowledgeable and I find the science that she brings to the development process fascinating. She is suitably empathetic when I'm tired and equally pushy when she knows I'm just not trying hard enough. Without a doubt Jenny has contributed to my overall performance; both physical and mentally."

Rachel Sanders


"Jenny is one of these trainers who genuinely cares about what she does, the people she trains and the principles behind it all. She is able to show you the minutest small detail which will literally transform how the most 'basic' movement is executed - like the squat. With these small adaptations I could squat deeper and heavier than I've done for years. Getting on the rower was like a torture ritual, but again, she simplified and demonstrated the movement and virtually changed the mechanics - I know how to row now! She's learnt it all the hard way-through sweat, dedication and perseverance and it shows through her knowledge and experience. She is incredibly strong and tough but at the same time approachable and encouraging. Her experiences echo those of so many (women/girls), you feel like she is the inner voice inside you."

Lema Haddad


"Jenny doesn't fit the personal trainer stereotype - she doesn't jump around and she doesn't do the whole cheerful motivation thing. She is very down to earth and completely honest about what it takes - time, discipline, commitment and hard work. What I find extremely motivating is that she is on her own journey, faces challenges of her own and works hard to find solutions and break through them. This gives me hope that I too can achieve my goals. Jenny and I started from zero and in just over two months she has taught me what exercises I need to do to achieve my goals, how to do them correctly so that they are effective and I don't injure myself, she has taught me all about nutrition and has completely shifted the way I look at food. Her support has been invaluable at times when I have really struggled and/or have been frustrated. A simple 'Just one more!' has gotten me through a tough set when I'd thought I couldn't go any further. And sharing her own frustrating experiences has helped me realise that I am not alone and it is all part of reaching my goals. Because of her own experiences Jenny understands exactly what I am going through and has always been very flexible to accommodate my needs. We are always talking and analysing what works and what doesn't.

I find Jenny extremely easy to get along with, she is fun and I absolutely love my time with her. It feels like working out with a buddy who just knows that much more than you do. I have already seen changes in the way my body looks (which is unbelievable!) and I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Katerina Ruseva