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Luvkode supports people who are traumatised:

We help people rebuild their lives in a positive way so to prevent negative situations from starting & building up.

Our support groups offer a life line to those who are traumatised by negative situations. Trauma is defined by the level of negative energy the person has been exposed to, creating inner peace by using a daily practice enables the person to recognise their own true energy so they do not attract the negative pattern to workout. A personal mind workout is the mind and its contentedness to the environment (Space) just like WiFi we connect daily to it, when we are peaceful negative situations do not affect us, it creates a natural immune system with a peaceful mind.

Trauma can repeat in our daily life patterns to be like attracts like, until we realise that inner peace is found within and there is nothing more to workout.

Our senses are affected by many factors in our lives, daily. Every thought matters…