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Mums in Technology

who's a mum in tech
Why does Mums in Technology Exist?
Our mission is to make it possible for Mums to learn a new skill in between the school run without having to choose between child and learning.

Childcare is a barrier for most Mums that want to use their maternity leave/ free time to learn a new skill. Cost is also another barrier as a lot of the traditional coding schools are really expensive. They also run everyday, which isn't practical for most Mums.

Majority of the free coding events are in the evenings and a lot of Mums find that they are unable to attend because of the school run and childcare. 

All our events are in-between the school run, affordable and babies can attend.

Why is our Focus Mums?
We feel that in most cases, it's the Mums that end up dropping out of the workforce because flexible working hasn't been possible in their current jobs. These are super talented women that have amazing ideas and need to be ! empowered to get the off the ground. 

This could be with a bit of coding, speaking to the right people, maybe shadowing a cool startup, working part-time at a Tech company to figure out if that's something they may want to do. Which ever route they decide to take, we want to be there and would love the support of the community to make this possible.

Who do we want to meet?
Mums that have an idea, Mums working Freelance, Mums working Part-Time and want to learn more about the Tech Ecosystem and how Coding can empower them.

      *Dads are welcome too :-)