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Rosie - Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library

All you need to know about the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library right here! Hire a sling (drop in dates here), get some advice on what will work for you, purchase your own, join our community, make friends! The Sheffield Sling Surgery is the most comprehensive consultancy and sling library service in the region, with events throughout the week and around the city (listed below). The associated online Virtual Sling Surgery is our community space, for friendly sling chat, advice and support, and is where the workshops and socials are planned. Email her here.

Rosie is a mum of 2, a GP, and a highly trained and very experienced advocate of sling and carrier use and education. She works with a team of committed peer supporters and volunteers, including Kiri from the Barnsley Carry Ar Kid sling library and Lindsay from Understanding Kids/BabyCalm.

She and her husband Rob also run the Sling Spot shop, aiming to provide parents with high quality, beautiful and comfortable slings and accessories, which can also be bought at library drop in sessions. They also run the Sling Pages, a non-affliliated website listing all the sling professional resources in the UK and Eire.

Rosie's new book Why Babywearing Matters is available for purchase here.

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