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Shastar Vidiya

Shastar Vidiya
This ancient and multifaceted martial tradition, born on the battlefields of North India, now survives in just one martial school: the Baba Darbara Singh Akhara. This martial school offers the ideal opportunity to train in and experience this unique art, covering both armed and unarmed combat.

For more information see www.shastarvidiya.org

Gurdev Nidar Singh Nihang
Through twenty-five years of intense study and demanding physical training, Nidar Singh has managed to preserve this closely guarded art that has teetered on the brink of extinction for the last 150 years. He is the sole-surviving master and ninth teacher (gurdev) of a classical school of learning established in 1661, called the Baba Darbara Singh Shastar Vidiya Akhara, which is the last remnant of this ancient tradition.

For more information see www.nidarsingh.com