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Simon Campbell - The Inspirational Speaker UK

We engage this using powerful techniques based on science, biology, motivational speaking and positivity training to help you to de-program negative feelings of self worthlessness and build in empowering thoughts, habits, rituals and techniques to build in you the seeds of success and confidence.

Simon Campbell has unique training methods and does not simply read off a pad or itinary. Rather by use of examples known by everyone whether people or invention, by illustrations or word pictures he uses known information to ensure it sinks in. "the secret to learning something completely new is by creating a relationship between the new information and something you already understand. Once you relate the new information to something you already know, you get it, remember it and accept it."

Each candidate is required to fill in a short questionnaire for our Principle trainer and confidence coach before attending the course to help customise the day. Check out our website www.theinspirationalspeaker.co.uk

Attending this course will give the candidate 30% off any other training, events, classes or life coaching sessions as they will be added to our Platinum Signature Success Club.