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Square Pegs Charity (registered number 1166034)

We incorporate several charitable purposes, with 2 main charitable projects; Square Pegs Charity (SPC) Holidays and Square Pegs Charity (SPC) Community Workshop Space. We will be fundraising to support the running of our premises as a community HUB, providing creativity & well being workshops & free /and or reduced price holidays to as many of those nominated as possible.

Square Pegs Round Holes is derived from the idea that in society we are often forced to conform to another person (or organisation’s) idea of normality, to fit into a neat ‘round hole’ pre drilled for us. However by forcing ourselves, or being forced by others, to squeeze our ‘square peg’ selves in that round hole we are stripped of our unique individuality, our passion and creativity, often leading to a fencing in of the mind, body and soul, a losing of oneself. Many of us are Square Pegs, and when not being encouraged to; be, and think, creatively, or take adequate rest, our energy and self-esteem often leads into a sense of disjointedness, this can manifest with both our families &  peers. This increases poor mental and physical health, and isolation amongst many in the community.

Our charitable purposes are listed on our website;