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The Biz Expos

Welcome to the Future of Business Exhibitions!

The Biz Expos - Home of The #BXBG

It's mad when you think about it that what started as a one-off promotional event for another of our founders (Grant Erskine) businesses has become a national brand and recommended by many as some of the Best Biz Expos around!

You see, all Big G ever wanted to do was get in a room with a few hundred other people, so he could network and share his services. So he came up with this idea, I'll run an event, invite a few pals round to help pay for the room (they can put up a few pop-ups too) and we'll invite everyone we know.

The Biz Expos 1.0 - Dukinfiled, Manchester (62 Exhibitors and 400ish visitors)

Even at that first event, people started to pester Big G "next time you do this - I want to be involved!". And do you know what - Grant refused to do it. He talks about how for weeks after, people harassed him, calling and emailing - people who hadnt even been at the event but had heard about it, asking him to do it again! Some might say it was out of frustration, some might say it was the fact that he landed 3 new projects out of the first expo..... who knows, but thing we do know, he agreed to do it again!

The Biz Expos 1.1 - Hilton Hotel, Manchester City Centre (120 Exhibitors and 850ish visitors)

The second event pretty much blew things out of the water..... No one had done it quite like this before. The sheer amount of people was overwhelming. The second Manchester event (GMBizExpo) had set a new benchmark. 

Did you know that before The Biz Expos it was normal to pay to visit an Expo??? Many other events used to charge £10 just to visit! Big G thought this was just weird (and greedy) - why would you charge what you sell (footfall) to exhibitors? Why would you put up that barrier to market? The Biz Expos came on the scene, but never charged visitors, and guess what happened - now, no-one charges!

The Biz Expos 2.0 - (Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle)

Soon, people started asking "You do this so well in Manchester, can you bring it to our city?" Up until now, Big G had been doing it all himself, with the help of a few people here and there. He could see that there was an opportunity however. He had kept visiting other events and witnessed what other people were doing (both good and bad). In fact, it was at a really poorly attended Expo in the NW (that will remain unamed) he decided - I could do this better standing on my head

The next day he announced the plan for the 4 cities!

Why jump from one to four events? Economics. Big G estimated that he could keep the low cost principle but still have enough left over to start hiring dedicated staff.

The Biz Expos 2.1 - (Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle Edinburgh, Cardiff, Nottingham and Reading)


Jump forward another year and we now have 8 events natiowide.

We've had 963 Exhibitors and 9842 visitors across 13 Expos. We are now recognised as being one of the market leaders.

The Biz Expos 3.0 - (The Future)

As we write this, we are just about to announce our next years calender. We're sorry that we are going to have to disappoint everyone who asked us to come to their city next year. We're going to stick with the same 8 cities for the time being. You see, we know everyone has been watching us, we see other Expos copying what we have been doing and we take it as a massive compliment!


We didnt get to where we are by doing what everyone else is doing..... 

Oh no......

Its time to step it up a gear! Wait until you see what we have planned!

Catch us if you can.

Big Pro Speakers! We're changing our mind set, we're coming away from doing the skills based seminars, everyone is doing them now and they are not once the draw they were. We've got a budget and we are going to spend it on Big Regional Level (if not national) Speakers! People you would normally pay to hear - but we're going to give it away for FREE!

The #BXBG. The Biz Expos Big Giveaway! As part of our supporting local business iniative, we are going to to a business card prize draw at every event at 3.00pm. If you are still in the room and your name comes out - you win £500 cash! (We're also going to see if we can get some of our exhibitors to add some things to make it one big massive game changing prize)

The #BXTV. The Biz Expos TV! This one is still a bit hush hush.... can't wait to announce it though!

The #4N Speed Networking Sessions. Always a favourite - 2 Speed Netwroking Sessions, Great way to meet new contacts!