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The Democratic Society

Demsoc is a non-partisan membership organisation for democracy, participation and new ways of doing government.

We believe democracy is the best guarantee of good government and human dignity. We work to build better democracy, in which informed citizens and a more open state govern together. A democracy where government is transparent and reaches decisions in public. Where citizens take part in ways that work for them. Where politics and media are flexible and collaborative rather than closed and confrontational.

We help citizens to make democracy better, meaning:

  • Participation – Nothing about us without us
  • Openness – Participation should be available to all, based on open information
  • Renewal – We need new ways of governing

We aim to:

  1. Grow public understanding of and enthusiasm for political participation through research and campaigning
  2. Support and encourage public institutions to change, and challenge them when they do not
  3. Create networked shared civic spaces on the basis of existing institutions to achieve our vision.

We create local groups to:

  • Find and bring together local people who want to support democratic conversation and action
  • Create shared, friendly and non-partisan civic spaces online and off
  • Grow participation by providing enjoyable, easy routes into discussion and action on local issues
  • Act as a local hub for events and efforts supporting democracy, innovation and new forms of government
  • Use the membership as a pool of interested citizens whom local organisations can draw on for citizen governance and involvement

We work on projects to improve democracy and governance, alongside partners from local government, the private sector and the third sector.

We share information about our work and comment on issues around participation and politics on the website, on our active Twitter account and Facebook page, and through our regular email newsletter.

You can join us, if you think politics should be better than it is, if you think people’s voices ought to be heard, and if you want to be part of the change that’s needed. We put our members at the heart of what we do. Their support gives us our independence and keeps our work rooted in real-life experience. Find out more.