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Vikki Coombes

As the queen of the Hummingbirds I have lived a life of constant curiosity. Taking deep breaths I have repeatedly leapt from my perch and flown somewhere different in search of new sustenance. I deeply believe that each of us is wonderfully unique and able to transform. I believe in living life to the fullest and that authenticity is about being my best self in any given moment. My secret nectar is based on being positive and grateful in the face of adversity. 


Born in New Zealand, I started school in England, returned to NZ as a child and then back to England in my late 20s. A short stint in Scotland was enjoyed too. Throughout that time I lived in 9 different cities. Since 2005 I have been based in London ... although I have lived in 9 different homes over that period.


Growing up I went to 7 different schools, I attended 2 different universities and continue studying through gaining a variety of post graduate professional qualifications. 


I have experienced 20 different jobs since starting as a babysitter at the grand age of 13 years. My recent move into entrepreneurship is my 5th career so far. 


I have a wide range of interests ... from coasteering to theatre, from camping to pampering, from enneagram to multiple braining, from photography to steampunk. My two stalwarts are reading (voraciously) and travelling (45 countries and counting). 


I have decided, finally, that it is time for me to share with others the secrets to being a liberated hummingbird. This includes how living successfully is available to those of us who follow our constant curiosity (not just those who have a towering passion flame). 

Join me in flying upside down!