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Wendy Whittaker-Large

Wendy Whittaker-Large is the founder of multiple companies including Best Nest – a high end HMO company – and Best Nest Egg (an HMO investment club). She is passionate about HMOs for their contribution to the housing economy and the positive contribution they can make to people’s lives. She is the author of '101 Essential Tips for Running a Professional HMO - Giving you time, money and freedom'. Never one to blow her own trumpet, read what others have said about her book -

"This book is outstanding. It has really useful and sensible tips that genuinely help us to run our HMO's for young professionals" and "Awesome book with really sound advice, I love the reading format, visually it makes reading it a real pleasure! Thank you Wendy!"

 Wendy now brings her learning alive and in person by offering her one-day

101 HMO Essential Profit Secrets

workshop where you can learn the essential tools quickly and easily to setting up your very first HMO (or improving those you already have). With a mixture of fun, interactive exercises & relevant examples of REAL HMOs, Wendy shares her tried and tested systems to ensure you grow your flow with HMOs. So are you ready to go on your own HMO adventure? Do you want to learn how to find the right property, get the finance, refurbish it correctly, fill it with tenants and future-proof it? If so, you cannot miss this essential 1-day training which will give you all you need to know to truly accelerate your progress.