Hip Hop


French-Algerian rapper and vlogger, born 28 February 1993 in Aubervilliers, Île-de-France, a suburb of Paris. Boef (English: Crook, born Sofiane Boussaadia) moved to Eindhoven, North Brabant, the Netherlands at age 4, having previously spent two years in Houston, Texas, in the United States. At age 13 his family relocated to Alkmaar, North Holland, the Netherlands, from where he began his vlog and rap career. Boef is a Dutch rapper and French national of Algerian descent who has stirred up a lot of controversy through his social commentary and criticism of police behavior in the Netherlands. After having served a total of two years in prison resulting from two seperate sentences, he began to focus on his rap career, releasing his first EP "Gewoon Boef" in February 2016.