Najaaraq Vestbirk, aka Courtesy, is a label owner and DJ from Denmark. She invested all that she’s got in her DJ craft and she managed to find and pursue a successful career as a female DJ.

Coming out of her hometown, Copenhagen, Courtesy spent endless hours looking for long-forgotten record shops, hoping to dig out some golden material that would inspire her to make her own music. That's how she came up with her the newest music which made her extremely energetic DJ sets become a one of a kind experience.

Her sound can be described as thrilling and unique. Most of her fans describe her sets as food for both mind and body. Wrong speed EBM, whip crack churning and electro, streamlined and fast stompers, Courtesy has it all.

In fact, her magic is in putting all these elements together for the sake of creating something extraordinary and unheard of in the world of electronic music. That's why emotive melodies dominate her sets. Get tickets for her shows today.