Ewan McLennan

Folk, World, & Country


Ewan McLennan has become one of the most famous guitarists of his generation in a very short period of time. Aside from playing guitar, he is also a storyteller, balladeer, and a troubadour cut in the old style, but he's also a singer who's pathos, emotion and, most importantly, passion is able to move audiences.

His songwriting is intertwined with a burning issue of social justice and his popularity is on a constant rise. He has been into music for years, playing piano and guitar, with his interest strongly rooted in folk songs. His first album received critical acclaim which ensured a safe position among the folk circuit. He received an award at the BBC Folk Awards so it's no wonder that his second album was received with so much enthusiasm.

The reason why so many people love Ewan McLennan is that his songs are so deeply rooted in the tradition of folk music and he uses traditional songs but in his own interpretation that is deemed as social commentary by so many. So many found comfort in his music and he's still seeking ways to use his words and music to promote a sense of community.