Horse Meat Disco

Funk & Soul


Since its humble beginnings in 2003 Horse Meat Disco has become an institution on both sides of the sexual divide due in large part to its dedication and appreciation to Disco music in all its forms. The brainchild of James Hillard and Jim Stanton via the inspiration of New York nightlife legend Adam Goldstone (RIP) the idea was to create an alternative party that harped back to the halcyon days of parties like The Loft and The Gallery in New York whilst at the same time adapting it for a London crowd. This formula proved successful from the start and led the club to take up its residency with the help of 2 of London's hardest working DJs. Those DJs being Severino hailing from Mantova in Italy and Filthy Luka (aka Luke Howard) resident of Queer Nation and life long disco fanatic, every Sunday in the most fantastic South London boozer; Eagle London. Horse Meat Disco consolidated its disco credentials by inviting some of the best DJ talent to grace the decks at the club. Past guests have included Dimitri From Paris, Derrick Carter, Daniele Baldelli, James Murphy, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Tim Sweeney, Lady Miss Kier, Luke Unabomber, Maurice Fulton, Rub 'n' Tug, Cosmo, Daniel Wang, Gerry Rooney, Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair), Honey Dijon, Greg Wilson, DJ Spun, Mungolian Jetset, I-F, Loud-E, Steve Kotey, The Idjut Boys, Permanent Vacation, Victor Rosado, Felix Dickinson, Lowlife and Diesel to name but a few. Thanks to appearances by these guys Horse Meat Disco is firmly on the map and its attendance by DJs and dancers alike has become a badge of honour with which to be worn with pride. In 2009, with the help of Felix Dickinson, Horse Meat Disco began to catalogue the goings on at the club with a series of Edits, Remixes and a Compilation/Mix C.D. Their first album on Stut/!K7 was received with rapturous applause as the team go from strength to strength.