Paul Adams

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Paul Adams (born August 1951) is an American musician, writer and musical instrument builder. Adams began his foray into the arts by making stringed musical instruments such as guitars, banjos, basses, and dulcimers after he was introduced to the craft as an ethnomusicology student under Dr. Joel Maring at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Adams has been commissioned to build instruments by Daryl Hall, members of Stevie Wonder's band as well as other well known musicians. He has eleven albums out in multiple genres and can be heard on Sirius music, Music Choice, Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora where he has over 85 million streams. In May 2016 his is most recent album, Imaginings, won best contemporary instrumental of the year at the Zone Music Reporter Awards in New Orleans In the 1980s, Adams decided to start composing music and got a label deal with Nature Recordings/World Disc (now defunct).