Terrorvision began their career as Spoilt Bratz, forming in 1986 in Bradford, UK. The four piece band of Tony Wright (b. 6 May 1968; vocals), Mark Yates (b. 4 April 1968; guitar), Leigh Marklew (b. 10 August 1968: bass) and Shutty (b. 20 March 1967; drums) made little headway until a change of name to Terrorvision (inspired by a cult 60's horror film) in 1991 when EMI Records signed them on the back of demo tape "Pump Action Sunshine." The band negotiated with EMI the creation of their own label "Total Vegas Recordings" and in 1992 their debut EP "Thrive" was released by Total Vegas followed by the band's first LP "Formaldehyde" later in the year. 1994 saw the release of second album "How To Make Friends And Influence People" which generated a string of chart hits for the band including "Oblivion" and "Alice, What's The Matter?" With third LP "Regular Urban Survivors" (1996) Terrorvision continued on their upward trajectory and single "Perseverance" earned the band their first top 5 hit with further chart success for singles "Celebrity Hit List" and "Bad Actress" though real chart domination was to come in January 1999 with the number 2 smash "Tequila" taken from the "Shaving Peaches (1998) album. Despite this, EMI chose to drop the band and in early 2000 the band (and Total Vegas Recordings) were rescued by Papillon Records for whom the band recorded the 2001 album "Good To Go." The reprieve however was temporary and in June 2001 the band announced their split marked by a farewell tour of the UK and a 'best of' album to satisfy EMI's five album contract entitled "Whales & Dolphins." In April 2005 the band reformed for a brief UK tour with further dates in August and September, which EMI took as a good excuse to release another compilation "B-Sides & Rarities". In 2010 after replacing drummer 'Shutty', they started work on an album which was completed and released in 2011 under the title 'Super Deluxe'.