The Frank And Walters


Named after a couple of tramps in their home of Cork in Ireland, the Frank and Walters were, along with the Sultans Of Ping F.C., part of the short-lived popularity of the Cork rock scene. Producing very quirky pop music, they had a number of early hits in Ireland and the UK ('Fashion Crisis Hits New York' and 'After All'), disappeared and re-emerged to settle into being a typical Irish cult band with a live following and predictable sales on Setanta Records. They took a break from touring and recording in 2002, re-emerging once again in 2005 with a double album of previous unreleased material called "Souvenirs", to be followed by "A Renewed Interest In Happiness" in 2006. They continued to write record and tour, especially on a number of festivals in 2011. In 2012, the toured with a 20th anniversary celebration of their debut LP and issued a new single "Look At Us Now" in May 2015.