The Wurzels

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The Wurzels are a "Scrumpy and Western" band from The West of England and in particular Somerset, best known for their number one hit The Combine Harvester (1976) and number three hit I Am A Cider Drinker (1976). Current Members: Tommy Banner: Accordion & piano (1967-present) Pete Budd: Banjo & guitar, vocals (1974-present) John Morgan: Drums (1981-present) Sedge Moore: Bass (2007-present) Past Members: Adge Cutler: Vocals (1966-1974) Reg Quantrill: Banjo & guitar (1966-1974) Reg Chant: Accordion (1966-1967) John Macey: Bass (1966-1968) Brian Walker: Tuba (1966-1967) Henry Davies: Tuba & bass (1967, 1968-1969) Melt Kingston: Tuba & bass (1967-1969) Tony Baylis: Tuba & bass (1969-mid-1980's) Jai Howe: Bass (mid-1980's, 2002-2007) Terry Pascoe: Keyboards (mid-late 1980's) Mike Gwilliam: Bass (1985?-1995) Dave Wintour: Bass (1995-2002)