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Eventbrite Pulse Report 2018: All the Event Industry Statistics You Need to Know

Our 2019 Pulse Report survey is now live!

We are delighted to present our fourth annual Pulse Report. Based on the results of an industry-wide survey, this report is a deep dive into the key statistics, benchmarks, opportunities, challenges, and trends you need to know for 2018.

From the creative and inspirational to the logistics and the operational, this data-driven report has a number of thought-provoking themes. It identifies a move towards community-building amongst event creators.

“The reasons why people are hosting events is changing and a sense of “bringing people together” and networking are among the main drivers.”

This sense of unity can be seen across the industry and is in line with similar themes we see emerging from attendee surveys. Our 2018 Pulse Report proves that event creators are on the same page and are creating events for the same reason that attendees are attending.

The power of content also emerges as a key theme – the importance of creating impactful stories for events is front of mind for many organisers and is reflected in the hiring trends emerging this year – content teams are growing across the industry.

The report also explores budgets and the report presents some interesting comparative stats around predictions for event growth versus intentions to increase budgets – many may find these stats surprising.

We look into the choice of marketing tools available and pinpoint where the areas of focus and investment are.

“Does paid social still dominate? Find out.”

The report also covers event technology, venue hire and recruitment. It’s all in there!

So, are you ahead of or behind the curve? We have taken the pulse of the events industry so find out how your 2018 plans match up to those of event creators across the UK and Ireland.

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