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How to Use Your Live Music Data to Turn a Profit

Surviving (and thriving) as a promoter, festival director or live music venue is an art — and a science. The key to balancing the two? Your data.

The right data can change the course of your live music business. But which music data should you focus on to move the bottom line?

Get the answers from four music industry data pros, including festival marketing expert Jacob Matthews and venue owner Duncan Wold. In this guide, you’ll learn how to quickly get accurate answers to the following questions:

  • How should we stock the bar for tonight’s show?
  • Is it time to start the show, or should the opener play a couple more songs?
  • Are display, social, or search ads driving the most ticket sales at the least cost? Would those people have bought tickets anyway, or is it worth the spend?
  • Did that radio ad actually drive any sales?
  • If the show is in a week, how many tickets should I have sold by now to be on track?
  • Will my emails perform better if I send to smaller, more targeted audiences?
  • Is my team wasting time on manual tasks?

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