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How Associations Can Increase Membership Growth and Engagement

The lifeblood of any association, society or club comes from their members.

But how do you keep current members engaged? And how do you attract new members?

The answer to both is by organising great live events.

We collaborated with MemberWise to conduct a survey asking associations and membership bodies to tell us the impact events have on membership growth and engagement, and the results are a ‘must read’ for anyone working in this area.

By downloading the final 16-page report you’ll find out:

  • The most popular events run by associations, societies and clubs
  • What type of events helped associations reach membership goals
  • How to optimise the frequency of your live events
  • Which events to run to target a local or a national audience
  • The importance of ‘members only’ events
  • How to utilise online events to grow your revenue
  • The importance of email, social media and digital communication to sell-out events

Download the report here:

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