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Top 50 Instagram Accounts for Event Organisers

Where do you go when you need inspiration or information for your events? In a world where inspiration and information are constantly in front of us, and options are seemingly endless, it can be hard to filter it all. That is why platforms like Instagram are useful go-to destinations – everything is easily accessible and gathered in one place.

With a focus on images and visual impact, Instagram can be a wonderful source of design inspiration for event planners – as well as a great place to go to for information. But with 800 million active accounts on the social platform, it can be tricky to know who to follow.

We reached out to eight of the events industry’s leading associations to ask for their top recommendations and compiled a list of the top picks. The 50 curated accounts include those of event owners and agencies, designers, caterers, venues, speakers, industry thought leaders, and event media (as well as a few accounts outside of the industry for general inspiration).

Enter your details below to unlock the top 50 accounts – we hope you find them as inspiring and informative as we do!

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