Booking data from our platform shows that businesses are eventually waking up to the potential of TikTok, the short video based social media phenomenon that now sports 689m monthly users internationally. Marketers are increasingly booking professional training sessions to help them connect with new audiences.  In 2020, Eventbrite hosted TikTok seminars, training and workshop events in the UK for almost 10,000 eager learners, ranging from TikTok for beginners and TikTok for charities to music marketing via TikTok and digital masterclasses.  Compared to 2019, attendance to training events on Eventbrite went up by more than 500% in 2020.

On a global level, there were tens of thousands of attendees to TikTok events in 2020, and it’s not hard to see why. The percentage of TikTokers sharing brand/product recommendations is higher (21%) than for users of both Instagram (15%) and Facebook (12%)[2].  And given there are 100 million monthly  TikTok users in Europe, with 17 million monthly users in the UK[3] – in all age groups – businesses and brands want a piece of the action. Yet the burning question is how to incorporate the platform into their marketing strategy and it seems that businesses are increasingly using online events to learn how to get their messages out in the best way.

Sabeha Mohamed from Eventbrite comments:  “In the social media universe, TikTok is now firmly established alongside the big players like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. Judging by the growing amount of marketers booking courses on Eventbrite to learn more about the platform, we can expect more brands to insert themselves alongside sea shanties and trending dances.” 

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