How to Attract Your Music Festival’s Most Valuable Fans


In summer 2016 Eventbrite and Music Watch surveyed over 2000 festival attendees around the world. We turned this research into a report called ‘Understanding Festival Fans: New Research Reveals Who the Most Valuable Fans Are‘.

The research revealed a lucrative group of ‘super fans”; a segment of 28% of festival goers who account for over 50% of annual ticket spend.

With this research in mind, we’ve created a brand new guide for festival organisers, sharing a number of actionable tips on how you can attract these super fans.

Download this guide to find out:

  • How to identify your super fans
  • The live experiences they love
  • Marketing strategies to to get festival super fans to choose your festival
  • How to get more value from your super fans, for both you and your sponsors
  • Ways you can win the loyalty of the super fan

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