6 Tips to Rock Your Event Marketing with Snapchat

Some event planners choose to stick to the main social networks for promoting their event. This includes the big names like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

However, for those looking to get an edge and try something new with their event marketing, now’s a great time to take advantage of the latest social media tools, including Snapchat.

This tool is greatly under-utilised and adding it to your arsenal just might be what you need to give your event that much needed push – particularly if you are targeting teens and younger millennials.

Here are six ways to use Snapchat in a way that creates maximum user engagement.

  1. Create behind-the-scenes content

With Snapchat, you can send images and videos that last for about 10 seconds before the content self-deletes. You can use this to your advantage by creating a “for your eyes only” type of content. This could be an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the planning, or a hint at a surprise that guests can expect at the event.

The hotel company Hilton did something similar to encourage enrolment of its Hilton HHonors loyalty program. For one of its campaigns, it released a sneak peak of a Jason Derulo concert held at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego.

The goal was to increase signups for Hilton HHonors among a millennial demographic, since the bulk of members are in their mid-30s and beyond. The Snapchat content included a behind-the-scenes look hosted by The Bachelorette alumni Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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  1. Incorporate a location-based Geofilter
event marketing with snapchat

Image from thenextweb.com

Geofilters are a trendy Snapchat tool that provides an interesting way of marketing your event. Geofilters are basically location-specific overlays that attendees can use for creating visually appealing selfies and pics. You can use animated graphics that pertain to the venue or venue’s location. It can, for example, include a cartoon drawing of the venue or a famous landmark within the venue’s vicinity.

You can create your own geofilter or purchase premade ones. If it’s the former you’re looking to do, keep in mind that Snapchat imposes strict rules and branding is not allowed. Aside from location geofilters, there are also event-specific ones, such as those for weddings, birthdays, and award ceremonies.

  1. Provide a look from a planner’s point of view

This is similar to the first tip about providing a behind-the-scenes look. For one of its campaign stunts, Red Bull looked to capitalise on its fan base, which includes a good deal of athletes. The energy drink company partnered with Snowboarder and X Games champion Mark McMorris. The brand handed its Snapchat account to McMorris, who used the social network to provide audiences with a look into his lifestyle. This included a trip to a San Diego surf shop and a commute to Big Bear Mountain.

If your company is fortunate enough to have a celebrity guest, then you can do the exact same thing. If not, then perhaps consider someone that’s at least fairly known in the industry or has some level of familiarity with the attendees. Maybe it can be the person that normally converses with the company’s social media followers.

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  1. Send fun facts
Event Marketing with Snapchat 2

Image from marketingland.com

You can also send some random facts that are just fun food-for-thoughts. Consider taking a page out of GrubHub’s book. The US-based food service company capitalised on America’s Super Bowl Sunday, which is practically a holiday unto itself. On that day, when the majority of Americans are staying home and watching football, GrubHub sent out snapchat posts that featured animated drawings of common Super Bowl foods along with some fun facts about the food.

You can do the same with something related to your event. If you’re hosting a video game seminar, for example, then perhaps you can include your own depiction of famous video game characters with facts about specific series franchises.

Of course, these are just fun facts, and there’s no direct marketing involved. However, these little efforts on your end build rapport with your followers. Consider doing something like this the weeks following your event and even during the event.

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  1. Use giant emoji characters
Event Marketing with Snapchat 3

Image from businessinsider.my

A single emoji or two is all it takes to let readers know what you’re thinking. With that said, you don’t even need to include any text. With Snapchat, not only can you include emojis, but you can blow them up in size and incorporate them directly into the pic. To increase emoji size, do the following:

  1. Select the emoji you want to use
  2. hit the “T” symbol in the upper right corner
  3. zoom in and out of the emoji to adjust its size

Emojis are a great way to add flare and style to what would otherwise be just another ordinary photo. You can even combine giant emojis with geofilters. Just be sure that you don’t have too much stuff going on in the photo that the original image becomes too obscured.

  1. Add a coupon

Give your attendees a freebie in the form of a discount. Yogurt company 16 Handles executed this to perfection with their promotion, where users were randomly assigned a coupon that ranged from 16% to 100%.

Here’s the catch: since the coupon self-deletes after 10 seconds, customers cannot open it until the time of purchase. This makes it exciting for the customer as they eagerly see whether they get a small discount or even a free treat altogether.

You can also send your event attendees a mystery coupon before the event as part of the promotion to get followers to buy a ticket. Likewise, you can also send the coupon after the event as a thank you to all those who attended. You can even send a coupon during the event at select workshops and trade show exhibits. Offer it as a gift in exchange for those that perform some form of favourable action, such as submit their name and email for a subscriber’s list.

Don’t underestimate the potential of Snapchat

Like with any other social network, Snapchat has enormous potential for bringing attention to your event. You just have to integrate the tool into your existing campaign in a way that will catch on with your demographic.

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