Event creators love what they do. In our 2019 Pulse Report, fewer than 8% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with their work, a stat that works towards dispelling the stereotype of the stressed-out event planner!

But, like all professions, one of the elements of event planning that can really frustrate an organiser is getting paid.

It is essential to have an efficient and comprehensive system set up to allow for tickets sales to translate into revenue. Without it, event creators can’t continue to grow their events and delight their fans with even more detail the next time.

So, we have worked hard to ensure that our platform allows organisers to get paid easily – we do this through Eventbrite Payment Processing (EPP). This system allows event organisers to easily manage event payments and get access to exclusive benefits, too.

Find out more about how EPP works with the below summary of the key features:

When you switch to EPP you can…
  • Schedule payouts when you want them – even before your event
  • Deposit your ticket sales directly into your bank account
  • Delight your attendees with a seamless purchase and registration experience
  • Unlock exclusive features like reserved seating, ticket transfers and more
  • Know you’re secure with a PCI-compliant Merchant and Service Provider
Simplify payments with no hidden fees
  • Offer ticket buyers a single fee for all payment types in the UK
  • Choose whether you want to absorb or pass on all fees to your attendees
  • Don’t stress over extra fees for refunds or chargebacks
  • Never worry about monthly or annual fees
Streamline your operations
  • Pay one consistent fee for all credit card types
  • Let Eventbrite’s team handle all chargeback requests
  • Process full and partial refunds with intuitive tools
  • Easily upgrade and transfer attendee orders on the backend
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express
Maximise your revenue with more ways to sell
  • Sell tickets, registrations, and merch onsite with the Eventbrite Organiser app
  • Offer your attendees the ability to choose their seats with Reserved Seating sales options
Manage your sales & payouts in one system
  • Get real-time access to sales reports, refunded orders, and past payout information
  • Download your payout summary with detailed order information
  • Choose between weekly, bimonthly, or post-event payouts

Ready to get started? Take the leap and start organising your first event with the Eventbrite Organiser app.

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