Free Course: How to Grow Your Email List in 5 Simple Steps

How to Grow Your Email List in 5 Easy Steps

According to our recent survey of over 500 event organisers, email is the single most effective marketing channel they have at their disposal, helping to drive more attendance to their events.

If you also generate a lot of bookings for your events from email, then wouldn’t it be great to have a bigger list of email contacts you can get in touch with about your future events?

It’s simple: more emails = more tickets sales!

In this 5-day course, ‘How to Grow Your Email List in 5 Easy Steps,’ we’ll email you a simple, 5-minute lesson a day showing you exactly how to grow your email subscribers, using lots of concrete examples from successful marketers.

Lessons include:

  1. How to be proactive in asking for emails
  2. How to test and optimise your landing pages
  3. How to use offers and incentives
  4. How to run a successful competition
  5. How to create a compelling newsletter

Sign-up today, and 1 week from now you’ll know exactly how to boost your email subscribers.

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