How Attendees Really Discover Events

Event DiscoveryHow do your potential attendees really discover events? Where are they looking for cool things to do? And when they’re not looking, which channels can still grab their attention?

To help guide organisers to the most effective channels for reaching your target audience, Eventbrite surveyed 1,000 recent event attendees to ask them how they found out about the latest event they had attended.

Our survey asked whether they discovered their event online or offline, the medium they used to find out about it and the type of event they attended.

Our survey covered all events from conferences and business networking to music gigs and cultural festivals. The survey polled age groups including Millennials aged 16-34, Generation X aged 35-54 and Baby Boomers aged 55-64.

In today’s multichannel, fragmented world, how do you ensure you are reaching out and communicating information about your event to the right audience?

In this Britepaper we help you to answer this question.

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