5 Social Media Event Marketing Reads to Uplevel Your Strategy

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Social media isn’t just a nice to have for promoting your event — it’s essential. But getting your posts to show up in the feeds of event-goers is getting more and more difficult, thanks to changing algorithms. So what can you do?

To stand out, you need to go above and beyond. Here are five social event marketing reads that show you how to do so without breaking the bank (or spending all your time on manual social media management).

1. Prioritise the networks that make the most impact

“When you’re choosing which social networks to use, it’s okay to be picky.” — Essential Guide: Social Media for Events

Chances are, by the time you’ve finished exploring all the available social networks, a new one will have popped up. Which is why you need to prioritise your time and focus only on the channels with the widest possible reach that make sense for your event.

Get a breakdown of how to develop and improve your social media marketing strategy in nine steps in this guide from Buffer and Eventbrite, starting with how to choose the most impactful social networks for your event.

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2. Use paid ads to maximise your reach

“While your event may have a significant presence on social media, you’ll need an increasingly savvy approach to paid advertising if you want to continue reaping the benefits of this channel.” — The Event Organiser’s Guide to Paid Social Media Advertising

Social networks provide event organizers with an unprecedented opportunity to reach billions of potential attendees at a reasonable cost, without too much heavy lifting, all thanks to paid ads. But before you jump in, you need to know the main options for approaching your paid promotional campaigns and how to measure their results.

Learn how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat to drive more ticket sales — at a better return on investment (ROI) — for your event in this guide to paid social media advertising.

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3. Craft compelling copy for your posts

“On Facebook and Instagram, try to keep the text short enough that readers don’t have to expand the post to
read your whole message.” — The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting for Events

Did you know that social media drives nearly 25% of traffic to event ticketing and registration pages? If you want to help your event to stand out on people’s feeds, you need to choose your words wisely. Keeping your copy short and casual is key to hooking your readers.

Learn how to craft attention-grabbing social copy as well as copy for your website and emails in this guide from a panel of Eventbrite and external experts. You’ll also discover the art of a great event hashtag: what makes them effective, examples of successful ones, and how to use them to engage sponsors.

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4. Use influencers to motivate word-of-mouth

“Your strategy should start with researching and finding a list of influencers that are right for your event.” — How to Use Social Media Influencers to Drive Attendance

Celebrity endorsements have been a powerful advertising tool for decades, but social media has changed the game. Now, anybody can become a powerful influencer with thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of followers, all interested in the products and brands they’re using.

But building your influencer strategy doesn’t end at finding the right people to work with. In this blog, learn how to find the right social influencers — and how to nurture your relationship with them to get the most out of your efforts.

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5. Invest in technology to manage your presence

“Even with a team dedicated fully to marketing your event on social media, the number of platforms and tactics make it difficult to be strategic about your investments.” — The Best Social Media Tools for Sophisticated Event Marketers

Gone are the days when basic social media strategies were enough to capture event-goers’ attention. Now, the savviest event marketers have an arsenal of advanced social media tools at their disposal for help with shareable content creation, engaging attendees at an event, and even selling more tickets.

The sheer volume of tools to choose from to invest in can be overwhelming. Use this guide to social media technology to identify which tech is right for your event.

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To put all of these strategies in action, you need tools to make your work less manual and more effective. Discover which tech is best for your events’ goals in The Best Social Media Tools for Sophisticated Event Marketers.

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