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1 Day Online Course: Introduction to Kubernetes

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Who is this course for?

- System administrators or developers who wish to learn how to deploy applications on top of the Google-founded Kubernetes open source orchestration system.

- Anyone who wishes to understand the history, rationale and basic use and management patterns for Kubernetes


- SSH client installed
- Google Cloud SDK installed (https://cloud.google.com/sdk/)
- Knowledge of basic Linux commands


Introduction to Kubernetes will provide you with the knowledge of Linux containers and their shortcomings, and how we can correct these with the help of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes was born out of Google’s need to manage services at a massive scale while maintaining completely zero downtime. Kubernetes was developed by engineers from Google’s internal “Borg” cluster project. Being open source, it is constantly being improved by members of the community to be a class-leading platform for hosting microservices at any scale.

This course takes you through a brief history of containers and scheduling systems, followed by a practical section where you will run a miniature cluster on your own machine. You will learn key Kubernetes concepts, how to deploy a microservice application and have it scheduled across your cluster, and how to conduct basic cluster administration.

Course outline

We will cover:

  • Introduction to Docker containers

    • A brief history of Docker

    • Run a container on your laptop

    • Limitations of containers.

  • Why does Kubernetes exist?

    • History of clustered workloads & schedulers

    • Mesos

    • Kubernetes

  • Hands-on build

    • Your own cluster on Vagrant

    • Scheduling a container on your cluster

  • Kubernetes key concepts:

    • Required cluster components

    • Solving containers’ shortcomings - what is a Pod?

    • Introducing the Replication Controller

  • Deploying your first microservice

  • Basic cluster inspection and administration using kubectl

After completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand why containers are useful, but have limitations

  • Learn how to solve some these limitations with Pods

  • Know why the world’s biggest companies are powered by schedulers and containers

  • Have a basic core understanding of how to use Kubernetes.

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