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The LSU Action Planning Group: 1-Up

What’s on offer?

1-Up is a course for people who want to learn through doing. It’s a two-day workshop for strategists and planners with less than 3 years’ experience. It will give you the opportunity to create an original answer to a difficult question posed by a real client.

Answering the brief will require the participants of 1-Up to do two things: one, quickly get to grips with the classic tools and techniques that planners and strategists commonly use; and two, develop one or more new strategic tools and techniques. This might involve building an app or device, a new heuristic or method, or simply a different way of working. Whatever it is, it will need to be rooted in what’s gone before but have a chance of improving how the discipline works both now and the future.

Who's Involved?

Knowledge, insight, help and inspiration will be provided throughout by some of the biggest names in strategy. Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Russell Davies
  • Andy Nairn
  • John Shaw well as our good selves. That list is set to grow over the coming weeks - and we also have a couple of surprises in store that will be revealed during the workshop itself.

How do I get a place?

There are 30 places available in total, 20 paid and 10 free.

If you’re in full-time employment, you can buy a ticket here, priced at £240 inc.VAT. (A note on the ticket price: this being the first time we’ve done this – and owing to the fact we’re experimenting here – we’ve set a price that just about allows us to cover costs. Your money will cover a central London venue, refreshments and maybe some pens and paper. Neither us, nor our partners are charging for our time, and don’t worry – we don’t expect a tip).

What about the free places?

If you’re out of work, still studying or an intern, you can apply for a free ticket. To do so, you’ll need to e-mail us no more than 150 words about why you should be offered a place, plus a single PowerPoint or Keynote slide telling us your concept for a yet to be invented tool that might help strategists and planners in their daily work lives. This tool might be a template that can help you to make a decision, structure a conversation or complete a task. Or it could be your first thoughts on how better to use technology to uncover brand, consumer or market understanding and insight. We don’t expect perfection, but we are looking for an original answer. The ten best responses get the ten free tickets – simple.

If you’re interested, email us your thoughts at no later than 9am on 2 January. We’ll review all the responses we’ve received in the New Year, and notify the successful participants by 9 January.

What can I expect to walk away with?

You’ll end up knowing a whole lot more about strategy. You’ll have made some new friends in the industry. And you’ll also have a case study based on the project you’ve worked on, as well as a credit for developing the prototype of a new tool – that we’ll endeavour to make publicly accessible – that will advance the discipline.

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