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		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image

Join us, as we use the Alchemy and Magic of the Number 10 to SHIFT & ELEVATE our lives as we begin the month of October!

Yes, we are having a New Happy Intensive Healing Passionate 10:10:10 on Sunday 10 October.

We will Celebrate 10:10:10. 

Please arrive punctually at 9 am for a 9.30 am start


10 am, 10th day, 10th month = 10:10:10


1. Attend live online & receive the recording

2. Receive the recording later

Toks will be channelling with CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS, Crystals, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Invocation, Alchemy, Cards and more to call forth blessings and transformations in your life now.

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10:10:10 Energy of Transformation

This is a day of Spiritual Growth as we Reflect on your life: your Work, Career, Money, Relationships, Love and Health. This will be a Pivotal Time. Preparing You on a Galactic Level. There will be lots of healing on this day. Bring what you want to heal with you and bathe in the energy 10:10:10.


We will be moving through an Individual & Collective Global Reformation of Spirit.

We Will Experience A MASSIVE Shift in Consciousness.

We Will Experience Activation and Healing on a Deep DNA/Cellular level.


10 am, 10th day, 10th month = 10:10:10

Date: 10/10/2021

10 + 10 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 25

25 = 2 + 5 = 7

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There are many, many benefits to attending the 10:10:10 Medicine Meditation. All areas of your life will be affected, in a positive way. Below is a list of some of the areas, along with an example benefit:

Emotional Benefit: Release and let go of any negative emotions.

Spiritual Benefit: Open up and connect to the Cosmic Energies to help move your life forward.

Physical Benefit: A new sense of confidence will arise, for your physical body and your life.

Mental Benefit: Build a solid foundation within you as you move forward in your life.

Family and Social Benefit: Help heal your familial relationships.

Practical Living Benefits: Clarity of energy and clarity of mind breeds clarity of action.

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10:10:10 BENEFITS

• You will have a better understanding of the numerology of 10.

• You will learn how to use the number 10 to SHIFT your life.

• You will clear your mind of clutter and create a CLEAN SLATE for the rest of October and 2021.

• You will honour the many colourful blessings and shifts that you've had in 2021 so far.

• You will call in your 10 dreams for October.

• You will call in your 10 dreams for the rest of 2021.

• And Much More.

		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image


• Pen and paper to make notes.

• A crystal / rock / stone you feel drawn to that resonates with 10:10:10 for your life.

• A list of 10 things you have achieved in 2021 so far, which are practical and measurable.

• A list of 10 things you want to achieve before the end of October, which are practical and measurable.

• A list of 10 things you want to achieve for the rest of 2021, which are practical and measurable.

• 9:9:9 was on 9 September 2021. What shifts have been made since 9:9:9? What have you learned?

		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image


Shahana Yasmin:  The healing energy that Toks offers is so very powerful and nurturing.  The intentions set in the energetic space always draws back some very fruitful results.  Thank you Toks for your unconditional love and light.  

Juliet Humphrey:  The exercise that moved me the most was the Blessing Invocation exercise we did. I loved the flow between open flow and compassion to strict teacher!

Kai Reich:  I just came back from a healing retreat in Brazil and it was so amazing to experience here in London a very powerful closure to the exercises I did there. The energy .... was supercharged. The Invocation Blessing exercise moved me the most: it was super powerful and self-empowering. 

John Sergent:  Toks creates the perfect loving and creative space for you to go very deep and express your truth, let go of all the unwanted blocks, as well as identify and clarify your life.  This workshop cleared all my doubts and worries and allowed me to look forward to the coming New Year with a delicious excitement and dynamism.  

Mary London:  Toks’ energy is greatly inspirational.  She is a wonderful teacher.

Project Manager:  Today I looked inwardly, enabling me to focus on my mind. I have never been to anything like this before and I found it easy to participate and get energy and motivation. Everything was done within a nurturing intimate environment with Toks’s love, depth and wisdom.

Genevieve Capovilla:  Simply amazing! The group was dynamic, the space was healing, knowing my true self was insightful.  Thank you.  Completely grateful.  I love you Toks.  xxxx

Grace:  Healing is easy with Toks. She opens the way and you just have to walk through. Very nice energy. I felt the good energy between us. I enjoyed the Greek God meditation – it was so effortless for me. Thank you.

Joy:  Felt the energy, cleaning session, was very much to the core. I believe everyone benefited fully from the heart. The messages from the cards were effective, full filling. Thanks and Love

John:  I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing. It was a joyful fun experience. I’m glad I got to know you! Thanks. Take Care.

Abimbola: It is always magical working with you. Thank you for being so clear, understanding, powerful, fun and intensive. I love you very much! It was a spiritual motivating and cleaning workshop.

Fiona:  I found the whole day very relaxing. It was nice to be a student and not a teacher. I feel lighter. I really enjoyed Being in another dimension. I love the energy around the room.  Thank you very much.

		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image


The next Numerology Meditation is on Thursday 11 November: it will be 11:11:11. Toks will be holding it from 10 am - 12 pm.  

To Book, Click Here: http://bit.ly/3o9UKco


If you have any queries, please contact Yanni on +447961044895 or handsoflightyanni@gmail.com.

Are you ready to stand up for yourself and your truth?

See you at the 10:10:10 Medicine Meditation. Love Toks xxxx

Web: www.tokscoker.com

		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image

		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image

		10:10:10 Medicine Meditation image
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Online event

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Organiser Toks Coker, Hands of Light

Organiser of 10:10:10 Medicine Meditation

Toks Coker is a Master Healer, Teacher and Coach.

CLIENTS: Over the past 30 years Toks has been seeing her clients privately in St Johns Wood, either in person, over the phone or online via Skype or Zoom. Her sessions have enabled a lot of powerful personal transformations in the lives of her clients. 

STUDENTS: Toks is always teaching, even a conversation with her can reveal a teaching or insight that you needed to hear. Her work has changed thousands of lives. 

TEACHING: Toks is a Certified PGCE Teacher, Crystal Healing Teacher, Universal Healing Tao Certified Instructor and Energy Trainer. Over the years, she has taught many healing and empowering classes, such as: 8-Weeks of Forgiveness, Intensive 8-Days Spiritual Practice, Numerology Workshops and Full Moon and New Moon Meditations. She has taught  Indian Head Massage and Face Rejuvenation.

SERVICES: Toks offers a variety of services, which enables her to tailor a package or session, specifically for your need. As a Universal Healing Tao Instructor, she offers Taoist Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile and Healing Sound. She is a Crystal Healer, a Theta Healer Advanced DNA an Arcturus Quantum Healer, a Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner, a Spiritual Healer, a Tao Hands Practitioner, an Angel Card Reader, an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, a Positive EFT Practitioner, an EMO Master Practitioner, an EMO Practitioner, a Pranic Healer, Reiki Healer and more. She is a certified Life Coach: Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Certified NLP Coach Practitioner and Practitioner of Hypnosis.

ADVISOR: Toks is a Senior Practitioner and an Advisor for the BRCP. 

SPEAKER: Please contact her if you would like her to speak at your event.

"If you Light a Lantern for another it will also Brighten Your Way." Gosho Zenshu, p.1598

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