12 Bridges Cycle Tour
12 Bridges Cycle Tour

12 Bridges Cycle Tour

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London Muslim Centre

46 Whitechapel Road


E1 1JX

United Kingdom

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A warm welcome from everyone at the Muslim Charity team.

Thank you for choosing Muslim Charity as your charity of choice and helping us raise awareness and donations for Street Children of Bangladesh. Join us on our 12 Bridges Challenge as we snake though the capitals streets taking in the sights and sounds of London. We will personally train and prepare you for the upcoming tour and give you advice and guidance on all the issues relating to bikes and more.

We will help you with lots of fundraising ideas to get you started and we promise to be with you all the way and help you achieve your target.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up or contact Rashid Ali at rashid@muslimcharity.org.uk or call 07946 382 868and we would be more than happy to have you on board.

Muslim Charity

We are one of the leading UK charities working around the world in elevating poverty and the causes poverty. With the help of volunteers like you we have built hospitals, schools, rescue street children, provide safe water and support vulnerable mothers through health and wellbeing initiatives. We have dramatically changed millions of lives through our projects and interventions.

Over the last 16 years we have built a network of trust, honesty and transparency in every aspect of our work and still uphold this ethos as one of our core principles.

Being part of this family also means we will include you in the decisions we make and together make a lasting difference to people lives.

The Challenge

The ride will start from the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel and take in the most beautiful sights in London. We will pass across the 12 birdges of London also visiting the Tower of London, Embakment, London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham palace.

This tour is designed for beginners and seasoned bikers as we will place you in a group according to your ability. The ride is roughly 40 miles and will end at London Muslim centre where we will have a celebratory meal and share stories and pictures.

Street Children - Bangladesh

On the streets of Dhaka there are an estimated 500,000 street children. These children have with been kidnaped, trafficked or abandoned by their parents. They are left to fend for themselves and sometimes have to do the most unspeakable things to survive.

In 2015 we rescued 550 children from the streets of Dhaka. From those rescued, 135 were reunited with their families and 415 were placed in a permanent home.

Our emergency shelter is not only a safe haven from the daily dangers of the street but a place where children can start to rebuild their lives. Children are given three nourishing meals a day, education, health care and above all love.

Girls are trafficked into the sex trade where they have to sell themselves for food. In some cases they are ‘branded’ or scared across their faces as a sign of ownership. To protect themselves they often cut their hair and dress as local boys to protect themselves from gangs and traffickers.

The children suffer not only from deep trauma but drug addiction. The drug of choice is either Dandy which is a mix of shoe polish and glue or a cocktail of sleeping pills and pain killers.

Our School Under the Sky is a project that provides basic informal education at the Shodorghat ferry terminal. Its setup on a disused terminal bridge and provides a life line for these children. This enables our social mobilisers to engage with children in safe environment where we can provide for their basic medical needs and talk to them about the shelter and other agencies that can help.

Our Goal

To eradicate street children as a phonemna from Bangladesh and raise awareness in the UK and europe of this problem.

We want to raise as much money as possible to rescue as many children from the streets. Your minimum target of £250 can rescue upto 16 children from the streets of Dhaka and give them a new life.


Am I fit enough?

This challenge is designed for beginners in mind but if you are a seasoned biker we will pair you up with a faster and more experienced group.

Anyone can achieve the fitness level with the appropriate training and development after all it is a challenge.

We train every week at the London Olympic park and our resident long distant Cycle expert Rashid Ali is available for group training. You can get your fitness levels up in a matter of weeks.

What kind of Bike do I need?

You need to have a road bike to be able to cycle with us and you must provide your own helmet and lights.

What sort of kit do I need ?

We will give you a full list of equipment that you will need but as long as you can sit in a saddle and ride then you will be fine. We will send you a full list when you register all your details. But you will not need to buy any specialist equipment other than have your own bike and cycling helmet.

Food, Glorious Food

We will have a group celebratory meal in the end to hear all the stories and share our achievements with the other groups members. We will give you all the details when you register.

What’s Included in my reg fees?

Everyone will get a Muslim Charity jersey and will also include a guide, supervision and a meal at the end of the tour.

Whats not included?

The hire of a bike or any other extra equipment you think you may need.

What about all the cars?

Dont worry. London has one of the best cycle lanes scattered around the city and you will be with riders who have done this route 100s of times.

What if something happen’s?

Although we recommend you take out insurance for such an event we always have first aiders at hand should there be need for one and carry out a risk assessment looking at the possible outcomes.

What happens if I get tired?

We will stop at various point not only to rest but to check up on everyone involved and have water available all the way.

We will have experienced riders with every group who will be looking at for you all the way.


If fundrasing is new to you don't worry. we are here to help you achieve and possibly beat your target.

Get on social media and blast all your friends list with the tour and tell them to donate to this wonderful cause. We will help you with pictures, stories and banners to give your social media maximum exposure.

We will also give you our volunteer pack which has a host of fundraising ideas to get you started. remember we are just an email or phone call away.

Imagine ten of your closest friends and family each donate £20 that means you have raised £200 and only 100 to go. Its that easy …

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Date and Time


London Muslim Centre

46 Whitechapel Road


E1 1JX

United Kingdom

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