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12th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference

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St Hugh's College

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United Kingdom

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Green Economics Institute

12th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference

10th 11th 12th June 2017 In the beautiful setting of St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford

Green Finance, Green Investment & Green Economics

Reclaiming The Economy from Privatisers, Fossil Fuellers, Xenophobes and Divide and Rulers.

Keeping social and environmental justice alive in this new age of Barbarism- Post Truth and Post Science

Green Finance, Green Investment & Green Economics

Reclaiming The Economy from Privatisers, Fossil Fuellers, Xenophobes and Divide and Rulers.

Keeping social and environmental justice alive in this new age of Barbarism- Post Truth and Post Science

Please note: All the conference information is to be found together with registration and the call for papers, books, proceedings, speakers, terms and conditions, accomodation, qualifications etc at:


For details, bookings and Paper proposals, please visit:




Three Days to Change The World

Reforming Economics, Saving environmental and social justice in an age of tyranny, privatisers, fossil fuellers, xenophobes and divide and rulers but also an age of emancipation. Reclaiming the narrative for social and environmental justice.

These conferences are designed to create a unique global discourse of social and environmental justice, inclusion, fairness, resilience, survivability, and reforming mainstream economics and creating new discourses which can allow the human species to survive another 10,000 years. Indeed Ban Ki Moon’s team has told us that our ideas are some of the very few which can actually work and can actually implement the COP UNFCC United Nations Climate Conference Resolutions. Prince Charles has said that our academic journal is music to his ears, We have won the Luxembourg Green Business Award and our Director/Founder was named as one of the 100 most powerful women on the planet.

Call for Papers, Journal Papers, Speakers, Participants, Workshops, Ideas for Subject Streams, Keynote Speakers, Book Chapters, Academic Proceedings Papers, Magazine Articles, Policy Reports, Volunteers, Facilititators, Exhibition Stands, Sponsors, Green Economics Institute Members, Speakers from Global Institutions, Scientists, Academia, Business, NGOs and Campaigners, Change Makers, Scientists, Innovators.Philosophers, Economists, Financiers, Thinkers, Enviromentalists, Social and Environmental Justice Makers, Development workers, Policy Makers, Politicos, Writers, Students, Lecturers and many more!

Green Economics Institute Publishing House

We publish 50 books, 30 academic proceedings, hundreds of papers, reports and book chapters. We also have an academic journal The International Journal of Green Economics, publishing 4 issues a year. If you would like to present a workshop or idea at our conference and publish in our lovely and unique and accessible books, please email us today to discuss how to get involved with our global network of 30,000 diverse change makers. Join us today and change the world with like minded people!

People who love other species, people who love humans, people who love systems of the planet !

Our conferences are for everyone, are very inclusive, and have voices from many countries from around the world from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds, all abilities, and all sorts of challenges, mental physical, being minorities, older people, younger people all realising their full potential etc.

Come and help us save the world and lead change and progress!

Positive and optimistic views of the world! It’s never too late to do things

Never underestimate the power of one person to change everything!

Call for Papers: Send your papers and ideas to GEIBooksandjournal@yahoo.co.uk

Sessions will include:

All people everywhere, minorities, majorities, indigenous people, able people, less able people, mental and physical challenges, women, all genders etc

Nature, the biosphere, other species, stopping the human caused suffering of other species, biodiversity, individual life patterns of other species, group life patterns and safety, endangered species. Humanity of animals. Ethics of animal keeping, husbandry and domestication. Cruelty and how to avoid it happening. Saving the apes. Avoiding extinction and the mass extinction.

The sea, water, rivers, fish. Marine eco systems, coastal problems.

Pollution and air pollution and health

Ageing demographics, the care crisis, migration, population, zenophobia, caring sharing and supporting each other in a frightening and uncertain world.

Young people, the lost generation, housing, homelessness, benefits. Public policy, the property mess, affordable housing, public housing

Climate Change, Climate Science, reports from our COP 15- 21 delegations and our plans for our team at COP22 in Bonn lead by the government of Fiji. We are calling for team members, sponsors, supporters, helpers. Carbon Rationing debate.

Migration, refugees, ethics from the people who have experience first hand of migration, refugee life and genocide, The Jazidhi people, other minorities.

Indigenous people and their knowledge and rights and their economy. How green economics is one of their main hopes.

Our green library projects

Renewables, Now the investment of choice- patterns of renewable development and investment

Investment, finance, economics, the economy, Global Institutions, Banks, Finance Houses, Public economic policy, climate finance

Science and Technology and Future Innovations – the latest green thinking

Food security in a world of climate unpredictabililty and instability. Access to food, organic farming, free range, increasing disease due to climate change. The reduction predicted in food and food security in an age of increasing populations

Launching New books on Art, Farming and food in India and in Japan, Organics, The Caribbean, Japan, Economics Values, Climate Finance and many many more.

Launching our new fiction books

Migration and trade, protectionism, v making locally to sell locally, relaunching home manufacture and industry and engineering and technology.

Changing narratives about migration reclaiming the stories, positive migration stories from around the world where migrants have saved the day and laid down the basis of whole economies and industries. ( Building on last year’s very successful conference on The Migration Journey, A project supported and funded by The Green European Foundation and other green foundations and supported by the European Commission.) We hear from the Refugee Resource Group in Oxford about the excellent work they are doing and what is being done around the world.

10,000 years of farming and domestication– an audit- how have we done? what could we improve? will it last another 10,000 years, what do we do next? what is the meaning of domestication, of women, animals, crops, cereals, nature? Is it right- ? whose domestication is it ?

The Greening of the Caribbean how do we change its economy for resilience- a project we are doing in partnership with the UK Foreign Office in the post Brexit world as part of the Caribbean Leaders 2030 initiative. We report on the latest findings.

Finance and the Economy in Brazil

The Greening of Italy and innovations in its economy and policies

The Economy of Japan and Nuclear Challenges

Air pollution, diesel, technofixes or changing lifestyles, if we cant trust the car companies to do the right thing – is it time to impose rationing to save the climate and civilisation? whose civilisation is it? Transport and travel

Green IT a real alternative- democracy and access?Big Data issues,confidentiality

Indigenous voices from around the world wanting to use Green Economics- what they need and how we can help them

Black Lives Matter: Black Womens Writing

Human rights in an age of fear and violence

Are we living in an Age of Democracy or an Age of Tyranny? Are they related?

The Age of the Earth: Mass Extinction cycles, The Anthropocene

Education and the Media; Truth Post Truth, whose truth, science, education of the masses, the opiate of the masses, fake truth, fake science, misleading the public, lies, damned lies and deliberate lies, hacking, freedom of information or misleading the public, the lack of critical analysis at university, the lack of criticism by students, public acceptance and lack of resistance and lack of ethical vigour, the appauling state of political ethics.

State sponsored terrorism, torture, violence, murder- how do we cope with the fact that most genocides are done under ‘ legally elected or appointed regimes?’ what does that tell us? what do we do?

How do we do as we would be done by? how do we treat our neighbour as we would want to be treated ourselves?

The threats from the extremist groups and regimes around the world in office or about to take office?

Taxonomies of Economics and Finance what does it really mean?

Taxation, investment issues, inflation, trading blocks, green investment, green funds, climate funds, environmental economics, heterodox economics behavourial economics, green economics, ecological economics.

Saving the forest and the rain forest. Debt for Nature swaps, accounting for the environment, costing the environmental, values and valuing the world and the environment.

Rapidly developing countries and their pathways, the implications.

International trade, and climate miles, emboddied energy and life styles, is it time to change and think about how to move to a better life?

Reforming economics – mainstream reforms today

Mainstream economics prevailing ideas, bubbles, property, the national regional local and global economies. Trading blocks. Alternative economics teaching, theories, ideas.

Land Grab, Robotics, Privatisation and Work

The new science of the individual in an age of robotics and concentration of power. New Feudalism and the oligopolies of global influence, how do the rest of us cope? Gardening, growing our own food, resilience, self sufficiency.

Health, mental health, pyschological changes to ensure survivability and sustainability- explaining why people are distrustful and wont make the changes yet. How do people really think and plan for the issues?

Mental Health and making the shift- why is it so difficult to alter what we do and how we do it?

Building on last years excellent work by our team of psychiatrists, we explore cultural shift and the way our minds stop us doing what is sensible and keep directing us off the cliff of survivability even though we all know it’s stupid.

Call for Papers

Papers are being invited on any subject concerning

a) Social justice

b) Environmental justice

c) Reform of Economics, economy, policy, practise, impacts, theory, philosophy

d) Reform of Investment practise policy theory or implementation

e) Reform of Finance practise policy theory or implementation, Green Finance or Climate Finance

f) Ending the current mass extinction, the human treatment of other species of all kinds and the implications Preventing Biodiversity Loss

g) Human survivability

h) Resilience of networks, robotics, future of work

i) Climate change, climate science, methodology, reversing climate change

j) The Media

k) Education, economics education, meaning of education,

l) Science- truth post truth –mass stupification

m) Consumerism and famousisms- why people buy rubbish for a lot of money instead of thinking and noticing what is happening around them

n) Preventing poverty, reversing inequality development

  • Landgrabs, privatisation, legal frameworks, secularisation –meaning of the law

p) Health, mental health, NHS, funding, the care crisis,

q) Migration narratives, changing migration narratives, the migration journey, child refugees and the impact. Economic benefits of migration, the hardships of migration, migration in history, migration in future

r) Learning the lessons from history --- education for the future

All these are eligible for our academic journal

And for our academic proceedings

And for our books

And for our magazines

Some may be eligible for our websites too

We have many publications and your writing is very likely to be accepted in one or more of them- please submit your writing and advise which you prefer and we can advise which it is suitable for.

Entertainment will include all three nights

Conference dinners




Summer typical English walled garden buffet dinner

Special gala dinner in the oldest Oxford University Building

Dinner out in one of Oxfords typical restaurant. A light hearted conference review/ with everyone joining in.

A walking tour of Oxford for participants, friends and family


Oliver Rothschild

Sir Crispin Tickell KG

Survivability in the anthropocene

Economics, Finance, Investment Reform and Theory

Dr Arturo Herman


Economics and Well Being

Dr Enrico Tezza


Professor Maria Madi

Brazil and Argentina

Economics finance and investment

Dr José G. Vargas-Hernández

University of Guadalajara


Urban Green Spaces as a Component of an Ecosystem.

Functions, Services, Users, Community Involvement, initiatives and Actions

Mike Goodfellow Smith



Dr Tony Lawson

Econometrics University of Cambridge


Economics and Reality

Hend Ahmed

Professional Economist


Climate Change

Miriam Kennet

Leader The Green Economics Institute delegation to UNFCC COP

Michelle Gale

Leader The Green Economics Institute delegation to UNFCC COP

Karen Alveranga

Climate Change specialist

Jack Easton

Examining finance, economics and investment and climate finance

Hend Ahmed

Professional Economist


Economics of Renewables in the MENA and Egypt

Clive Lord

Citizens Income

Jasmeet Phagoora

Professional Economist


Renewable economics and stories from around the world

Economics theory and practise

Giorgi Jashiashvili



Migration Narratives

Lord Alfred Dubbs ( invited still confirming)

UK House of Lords

UK and originally a child refugee from Prague in the 2nd ww.

Author of the Dubbs amendment a Law to admit child refugees to the Uk

Nadia Murat

Jadzidi Spokesperson

Iraq and Germany

The journey of trafficking and migration

Susanne Rieger

Chair Green European Foundation

Nos Horizons Catalanya

Alternative Narratives to migration

Sushila Dall

Refugee Resources



Councillor David Williams

Oxford City Council


Migration at local council level

Vedran Horvat

Green Institute


Changing Migration narratives



Madrid Spain

Migration narratives and videos


Dr Katherine Kennet

National Health Service Pyschiatry

Professor Jay Ginn


Social justice

Biodiversity and other species

Robert Cowley

Oxford, UK

Mammal Tracking

Mike Shipley




Henry Cox

Building Sustainable Communities

Bianca Madison Vuleta


Federica Savarino

University of Bologna


Growth for sustainability

Launch of her new book

Karl Lamm



Alima Adams



Johnathan Essex


Sustainability and buildings

Max Basta

Social justice in practise

Victoria Awuku Gyesu (Ghana)


Social justice and economics

Charitable Trust and Trustees

Marlyn Lee Hughes

Introducing the Green Economics Institute Trust

What it takes to be a trustee

New Green and Sustainable Agriculture

Raphaele with Shilpa Chaudhary


And India

Launch of their new book

Koryio Suzuki

Japan Uk and Germany

Agricultural futures- organic farming

The Punjab Green Revolution and its impact

Social Justice

Dr Michael Briguglio


NGos and social movements

City of Sanctuary

Vedran Horvat

Green Institute



Professor Gary Craig


Social Justice Theory and development

Dr Adrienne Barnett

UK and South Africa and Swaziland

The Law and the legal systems

How they impact us why they matter

Andrea Grainger

United Kingdom

TheTrans Journey

The Migration Journey

The Green European Foundation

Making a video of alternative narratives of the migration experience

Carribean Sustainability and ending perverse incentives for fossil fuels

Carribean Leaders 2030

Carribean Green Growth alternatives and diversification to the tourism dependent economy

Don O Neal

Uk and St Vincent

Caribean Sustainability


Rose Bridger

Author- the Plane Truth

Education for sustainability

Karen Varanga


Kim Bailey

Scotland and UK

Marlyn Lee Hughes


Education for sustainability

Dzintra Astaja



Professor Kevin Albertson

Economics education

Library and Resource Room Project

Sue Shipley

The Library of Alexandria Project

Technology today

Hi tech –robotics - the future of work- financialisation – start ups

Douglas Watson

Space futures

Inside Bitcoin – who runs it – what does it do- why does it matter? Its impact today

Data, big data, bit coin, truth science corruption,open government

(Invited still confirming)

Block chain

Indigenous uses and implementation of Green Economics

COP UNFCC climate science conferences

COP22 debrief

Miriam Kennet

Preparing our delegation for COP23 UNFCC climate conference 2017

Miriam Kennet

Climate science methodology

Publishing New Green Ideas for change in the world

The Green Economics Institute Publishing House

Publishing in our books

The Green Economist Magazine

New editorial board

The International Journal of Green Economics

Publishing in our academic journal

The Green Writers Bank

Sue Shipley

The Green Library and Resource Room Project

2017 student presentations

Koryo Suzuki


Sophie Cardinal

Andrea Grainger

Raphaele Freire Limas

Brazil and UK

We never advertise, we work with teams across the planet from all walks of life and we dont edit what they say- we listen! and we implement! we make change, we include, all voices – we really walk the talk- come and meet our diverse and wonderful teams- we attract the brightest and the best from all walks of life from all around the world -some have major challenges- and from those major challenges- great things and great resilence happens- come and enjoy with us!





Day 1

11.00- 18.00

Economics and Finance and Investment Themes

And a party in the evening

Opening Plenary and debates

Citizens income





New feudalism

Uberisation of the economy

Workshops, debates, panel debates, discussions


Green Economics


Climate Finance

Finance Reform




Feature Caribbean and Sustainability

Feature Egypt

Communal Dinner salad buffet in lovely walled garden

Day 2

Sunday 11th June 2017


Environmental Themes

And in the evening

Climate Change

Climate Science

Climate Impacts

COP 21 22 23

Planning for Bonn

Feature India

Feature Japan



Green revolution


Environmental Justice





Science, truth post truth, education


Presenting our charitable trust

Conference dinner

Day 3 Monday


Poverty and economics Green Economics








Migration and climate change


Party in typically English Pub

A visit to a local organic farm and renewables installation for participants, friends and family

An evening production of a Shakespeare Play in the lovely garden grounds of a college

A visit to St Hugh’s Special and Unique Oxford China Centre in the grounds of the college.

Times: Normally the conference will run from 11 am on Saturday 10th June, to 11 pm and then 10 am on Sunday 11th June till 11pm and then 1o am on Monday 12th June till 11 pm.


Please contact us today to find out more about fees, timetable, speakers, to reserve a place, to book a workshop, to find out about papers for the proceedings and for our books and academic journal and to offer to be a speaker or generally to participate.

The Green Economics Institute Trust: A Registered Charity

Reading, Bracknell and Oxford, UK

07990 590463




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St Hugh's College

Saint Margaret's Road



United Kingdom

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