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Prewired is a programming club for under-19s

About this event

Prewired is back!

Anyone under 19 can attend!

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 If you have questions, please contact us at

Computers let you create anything you can think of. Prewired is here to help enthusiastic young coders of any ability to do just that.

Wednesday evenings are for you to play around with whatever technologies and programming languages you want.  You can learn something brand new, practice something you already know, start a project, get help with something you're stuck on, or even teach others.

Last year we've had people working on basic Python, Python games, websites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Java, Scratch and Arduinos.

If there are different topics, languages or technologies you want to cover, just let us know!

Please sign up for as many sessions as you can.  Coming regularly makes it easier to make friends and do as much coding as possible :)



Please bring your own laptops if you can, as you'll be able to get to work a lot faster on a system you're familiar with. We do have spares, but bring one if you can.

Please make sure you've had your dinner or a snack before you come if you usually eat around this time, as we don't allow eating or drinking near the computers.

Covid Policy 2022

To make sure that Prewired remains a safe place for everyone, we ask that you follow our Covid Policy.

  • Please wear a mask if you are able.
  • Be respectful of other people and stay socially distanced whenever possible.
  • We strongly encourage all attendees to test regularly, especially before each session.
  • If you have coronavirus, experience any symptoms, or are feeling unwell, please stay at home.
  • Attendees come from all over the city, bringing together people who might not otherwise be mixing. Please be mindful of this when attending, and respect our Covid Policy throughout the whole session.

As always, you must reserve your place at each session in advance. Do not turn up on the day without a reserved place, as you will be unable to attend.


The entrance to CodeBase is on 37A Castle Street - come in to reception and go straight into the hotdesking space. You sign in at the Prewired registration desk.



If your child is under the age of 11, we ask that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the session. If your child is very young and needs lots of support, you should be prepared to sit with them to help. You can of course ask a volunteer for technical advice.

If your child is over the age of 11, is is up to you whether you'd like to accompany them to the session.

If you do plan to attend as a parent, please book a ticket for yourself as well as your child so that we can keep track of numbers.


Getting involved if you're over 19..

If you're interested in mentoring, sponsoring, helping to organise or otherwise get involved, please email hello [at] and we can arrange for you to attend one of our sessions and see how it works.



If you sign up but realise you can't make it, or if you accidentally book extra spaces for any reason, please make sure to cancel your ticket so the place can be released to someone else!



Please see our FAQ at or get in touch via with any questions.

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