2017 Minghui Summer Camp UK明慧中國古典舞暨藝術夏令營

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Dear Parent,

The Minghui Summer Camp this year is scheduled to take place in Cambridge between 7th to 13th August. The theme this year is to improve cultivation as a child Falun Dafa practitioner. Child practitioner needs to be diligent to keep up with the Fa rectification.

Every child practitioner, just as an adult practitioner, is the king from the heaven, who descended in the human realm to assist Master and to save sentient beings. Upon fulfillment of the vows, we can return to the heaven. Because of our human attachments, many children work very hard in academic study and try to secure opportunities for the future. Unfortunately they forget to cultivate diligently. Some even forget that they are practitioners. They forget their vows.

We are hoping children enjoy the time at the yearly Minghui Summer Camp. Meantime Minghui Summer Camp provides the environment where young practitioners cultivate together and elevate together. But the most important thing is to keep and carry forward the cultivation into their daily life. After the camp, they would know that they are a cultivator and would have positive influence to the family and society. Let the larger crowd be able to see the beauty of Dafa from our child Dafa practitioners, and be uplift and saved by Dafa.

Working along this line of thinking, the camp curriculum contains daily practice and Fa study, as well as learning Chinese and age-tailored training on how to clarify truth. To make the camp life full of joy and to fully engage children, we invite two (male and female) teachers who retired from Shen Yun. They will teach the most authentic classical Chinese dance. Stories staged on Shen Yun will be retold through the teaching. Children will understand the beauty of classical dance through female and male figures.

We also invite the Cambridge based practitioner Golnar Malek, who is also an artist to run the art classes. The basic techniques, field trips and craft making are all part of the art lessons.


About Bowen Du, male dance teacher
Since 2010, Bowen has danced for the renowned dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts and toured across many continents, performed at many prestigious theatres, and presented in front of many eminent figures. He has assumed many lead roles/characters; for example, “Sand Monk.” Bowen has also participated in numerous dance competitions, and was awarded with the “Outstanding Dance Award” on many occasions. After retiring from stage, Bowen has taught at Clearview School of the Arts and Culture, Feng Huang Dance Academy, and also hosts his own private classes. Bowen has an outstanding understanding of Chinese dance fundamentals and excels at Chinese dance techniques. Today, Bowen wishes to spread his passion and love for dance to those with an interest through different programs and classes.

Cecilia Xiong, female dance teacher

Ms. Cecilia Xiong was Lead Dancer for the famous classical Chinese dance company, Shen Yun Performing Arts, from 2006-2010. She has toured the globe and performed before millions of people in some of the worlds most prestigious theaters. From 2010 to 2017 she was dance program director at Xian Yun Academy of the Arts in California (formerly Fei Tian Academy of the Arts), where she remains an active board member. Cecilia now resides in Toronto and is teaching at Clearview School for the Arts and Culture. With her passion for classical Chinese dance and traditional Chinese culture, Cecilia continues to bring wonderful, fun and educational classes and programs to people of all ages wherever she goes.

Golnar Malek, art teacher

Golnar is a mixed media artist and Mother of two young children. She started her artistic endeavor at the age of 3. Since 1999, she has been exhibiting widely and her last ventures were in Tehran, London, and Amsterdam. Over the past six years, she has been working at Christ's College Visual Arts Centre. Her pieces are kept in public collections at Christ’s and Murray Edwards Colleges. With a background in architecture, she has advanced drafting skills, which is the core module in her workshops for children. She believes that children need to learn line drawing, like they did over the past few generations. In her view, while experimentation does allow inspirations, it is only useful once the basic skills are covered. Over the course of the summer camp, she will be working on the theme: Imagining Heavenly Flowers. The children will learn how to draw with a variety of line thicknesses. The highlight of their final exhibition will be a painted fine china piece and a backlit painting that can be used for bedtime. They will visit the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens to study the nature and old masters’ representations of flowers.

The core module of the camp curriculum remains classic Chinese, Truth-clarification courses, Fa study, doing practices and truth clarification activities. We hope that children make huge leap on cultivation meantime have plenty of fun.

• Camp site: city centre of Cambridge
• Time: full boarding from 7th till 13th August 2017
o Arrival and registration: on 6th August
o Courses: 7th – 12th August
o Fahui and Performance: 13th August, end at 5pm
• Student candidates: young practitioners and children whose parents agree for them to study Fa and do the practices.
• Guardianship: children under 10 years old need to be accompanied by parent; children older than 10 years need to arrange guardianship or request the assistance from camp organiser. Camp organiser respect the arrangements made between parents.
• Age: 7-18 years old. Children under 7 years old can be considered if they participated in the past camps. Total 40 students are planned for this year’s camp.

• Tuition Fees: £179.00 (This includes dancing equipment, drawing brushes and paper, learning materials, payments to the teachers to cover their basic living and travel cost, venue hire cost, insurance etc). £20 cash back for parents who paid the tuition fee before 30th June. If there are more than two children attend the summer camp from the same household, the 2nd children and onwards will get £20 discount each after registration.

• Accommodation Fee: 1 family room can accommodate up to 4 people. The cost is around £40.00 per room per night. If there are 4 people in a room, the cost for each person for 7 nights is around £70. That is approximately £10 each night. Each room will elect an accommodation representative to collect the payments. Please let us know on application If you prefer having the whole room to yourself. You will then be charged the full room price. If you want the hotel breakfast to be included, please also mention this on application (The adult breakfast cost is £ 8.25. Each adult can bring up to two children under 16 years old to go free).

• Lunch and dinner are not included: Our venue is located at Cambridge city centre, where supermarkets, Cafés, Chinese restaurants are all within easy reach. Food shopping is extremely convenient. You can also bring your own cooker to the hotel to cook easy meals like noodles, eggs etc. We can also order catering meals from local Chinese restaurants. The cost will be £5 each.

I hope to see everybody at the summer camp!

2017 UK Minghui Summer Camp Preparation Team






同时我们还请到剑桥大法弟子专业美术家Golnar Malek教授孩子们绘画基本功,带孩子们到植物园和博物馆考察学习,现场观摩并将学习观摩的成果制作成工艺品带回家作为永久的纪念,提高孩子们的审美情趣。


男舞蹈老師杜博寬(Bowen Du)在舞台上曾經塑造了勤勉踏實的“沙和尚”,而在現實生活中,他也一樣勤奮的在各個學校中教授著中國古典舞,把他對這份藝術的熱愛傳遞給未來的舞者。女舞蹈老師熊俊秀(Cecilia Xiong)是神韻大班畢業生之一,她在結束了五年巡演後,置身於古典舞教學,曾是加州仙韻藝術學校(原加州飛天藝術學校)舞蹈系主任。目前,她雖然身居多倫多,仍在當地繁忙的舞蹈教學工作之餘,承擔仙韻董事會成員的責任。熊老师善於寓教於樂,將唯美的中國古典舞和中國神傳文化結合,輕鬆幫助海外華裔學生理解古典舞的“身韻”。

今年的課程除了精彩的中國古典舞外,還有一流的視覺藝術課程。該課程由在劍橋大学工作的大法弟子、專業藝術家Golnar Malek授课。 Golnar三歲開始她的藝術生涯,她的創作從1999年開始參展以來,曾經在德黑蘭、倫敦、阿姆斯特丹等多地展覽,目前她的部分作品收藏在劍橋大學的Christ’s College和Murray Edwards College兩所學院中。她不僅會教授孩子們繪畫基本功,也會教孩子們製作手工藝品。


• 上課地點和住宿:英國劍橋市中心
• 夏令营日期:8月7日至13日。
• 6日晚上報名簽到,7日至12日上课,13日是排练、法会、汇报演出、结业典礼,下午5點結束。
• 招生对象:大法小弟子和家長同意孩子參加我們學法煉功的常人小孩。
• 託管要求:10歲以下小孩需有家長陪同,10以上小孩如果家長不能陪同可自己找信賴的同修看管;或者提請主辦方介紹其他同修幫助看管。學生家長需主動與自己孩子的監護人聯繫,介紹自己孩子的情況並與監護人協商管理方案,包括對食物的要求,夏令營主辦方不介入家長與監護人之間的協議。


• 学费:£179.00 (費用包括舞蹈道具、繪畫工具、材料、老師食宿旅行教學補貼、租教室、保險)。 6月30日前缴费者可减免£20.00,每家有两个以上小孩报名者第二个以后的小孩每人可减免£20.00。
• 住宿费:4人住家庭套房,费用是在每晚£40.00左右,如果是4人居住,每人7晚的费用在£70.00左右,即每人每晚£10.00左右。每个房间选出一个代表收取房费。如果需要独立住,则自行承担整间房的费用,并在报名时注明。如果需要在旅馆订早餐,请在报名时注明(每位成人的早餐费是£8.25,可带两位16岁以下小孩免费早餐)。
• 中餐和晚餐自理:學校地處市中心,到處都是超市、中國飯店、咖啡店等,購物極為方便。也可自帶電飯煲在旅館煮麵條、雞蛋等。




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