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3 MUST-HAVE Skills for Your Business or Career: Presentation Skills, Negot...

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Glasgow City Centre


United Kingdom

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*** 3 MUST-HAVE Skills for Your Business or Career ***

Presentation Skills. Negotiation Skills. Thinking On Your Feet.

Refreshments and Light Lunch included

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"By applying Scott's training and coaching I saved £10,000 - in just ONE conversation"

Maggie Georgopoulos, author, www.UpTheLadderInASkirt.com


Full Day Skill-Builder Sessions 9.30am-4.00pm - full details below.

Book for 1, 2 or all 3:

> 12 Feb: Presentation Skills - for Sales and Networking - become a more confident, engaging speaker
> 18 March: Negotiation Skills and Resolving Conflict - for Better Relationships and Making More Sales
> 20 April: Thinking On Your Feet - for those challenging questions, sales opportunities and give a speech with no time to prepare!


Let 'Scott Johnston - Escaping Lawyer!' add his expertise and experience to your own:

  • Courtroom Barrister

  • European Champion Debater

  • Past President of PSA Scotland (Professional Speaking Association)

If you need to make quick, transformational change - think about working with Scott 1-2-1.

For more information visit www.FindYourPresence.com.

You want to excel in ALL the skills you need to build your business or give your career a boost - Yes?

These Skill-Builder Sessions are for you if you:

> Lead a team or run your own business
> Are looking for your next promotion or career move
Are an ambitious professional looking to make more impact

If you feel uncomfortable under pressure, need more confidence or just don't know what to say at the right time - or how to say it in the best way - then you're killing your business or holding back your career, aren't you?

Whether you want to make Partner, need to Make More Sales or simply freak out when it comes to networking and public speaking, all 3 of these skill-building sessions will help you become even more impressive - and more successful.

You might be an accomplished expert already, or on a new journey of discovery. Come along and you will be challenged, stretched and inspired into an expanded comfort zone.

These will all be informal, highly-interactive skill-builder sessions and, of course, learning is so much more effective when there's a bit of fun in the room too!

Join us for as many as you can - you can book your place on 1, 2 or (for extra discounts) all 3 skill-builder sessions.

**There's Membership Discounts for colleagues and members of Scott's various affiliations - see below.**

Learn 3 of the Most Important Skills that will take Your Business or Career to the Next Level

By working on Your Mindset and Your Skillset, you can:

> Build Your Level of Confidence - Your Ability to Influence - and Your Measure of Gravitas

> Have clients, customers and colleagues take you more seriously - actually listen to what you say and have confidence in all that you do

> Learn the art and a science that seems to come effortlessly to some, yet others just can't get a handle on it

> Deliver your Professional Service with more Professionalism


^^Presentation Skills - for Sales and Networking
12th February 2020

Whether you're looking for a couple of 'wee tweaks' to your speaking style or ideas about your slide deck, need to overcome debilitating nerves or learn how to structure a great presentation without death by powerpoint, this session is for you.

Whilst we will focus on all-encompassing public speaking skills, we'll include how to deliver a sales presentation and how to hold a networking conversation too.

You WILL learn to understand:

~ Your own strengths and challenges
~ How to present with confidence - and impact - regardless of how nervous you feel
~ How to structure your presentations and conversations to engage with your audience - whether that's 1-2-1, a team meeting, sales pitch or speaking at an event (Hint: you need to 'Be Like Nessie!')
~ The VITAL missing link that underpins how you use your body language, words and voice
~ How to bring emotions, energy and even enjoyment into all your communication, not just your presentations
~ How to use a 'verbal highlighter pen'
~ How to use your OWN story to engage your audience even more

You will have the opportunity to make a short presentation and receive feedback - it's optional!

You will have a number of take-aways that you can put into action immediately - and some specific advice on areas that need a bit more thought and practice.


^^Negotiation Skills and Resolving Conflict - for Better Relationships and Making More Sales
18th March 2020

In every single human interaction we are, in one way or another, Negotiating.

Not only buying and selling, think about persuading people to your point of view - or resisting them persuading you (do you find you say Yes all too often...?).

How often does the room turn cold when one single word - or even just a look - 'creates an atmosphere' and you wonder how to win back lost time and relationships. That includes clients, customers and colleagues who will walk away rather than try to mend those fences.

You WILL learn to understand:

~ Your own strengths and challenges
~ The 5 Fatal Mistakes of any negotiation
~ What makes YOU more persuasive - or more likely to cave-in!
~ How to negotiate ethically and with confidence, regardless of how nervous you feel
~ How to decide what is Win-Win and what is Win-Lose and when to deploy each approach (Hint: are you a Gunslinger or a Shuttlecock?)
~ How to ask great questions - and 10 different ways to ask the same question when dealing with slippery characters
~ How to structure your negotiations - how to open and close and work out what happens in between
~ How to mend fences, build bridges and move on positively when negotiations - and conflict - threaten to ruin relationships and business opportunities

Learn how to develop the Mindset of the Negotiator and the importance of negotiation in the sales process - without being salesy!

You will have take-aways that you can put into action immediately - and some specific ideas on areas that need a bit more thought and practice.


^^Thinking On Your Feet - for those challenging questions, meetings and sales opportunities
20th April 2020

"From complete novice speaker to World Champion Debater - in only two years!"
Leeanne Bradley, Financial Adviser www.lbfa.co.uk

The ability to Think On Your Feet and Speak-Off-The-Cuff is the pinnacle of challenging communication.

Honed over many years as a Courtroom and Tribunal advocate, and European Champion Debater (and trainer of World Champions!), Scott has distilled his 5 Core Constructs to help YOU know what to say at the right time... not just 5 minutes later!

But it's not always about finding the right or best words - we all know that 'special' someone who only ever opens their mouth to change feet! Sometimes it's more about letting someone else take the limelight...

The ability and confidence to know what to say, or not say, in the heat of the moment, with little preparation or thinking time, can make all the difference. Think of those scripted presentations that go so very well - and are ruined by a complete inability to answer questions and the way you can kill your credibility by just waffling on inaudibly, muttering under your breath with embarassment - rather than having a clear-cut, concise, confident response.

Maybe it's a job interview - or media interview - where you rarely get a second chance.

Or being asked to speak at an event at the last minute - or just wanting to be more impressive when in conversation and negotiation (and we're 'always' negotiating, right?).

As a business-owner on one of Scott's Thinking On Your Feet half-day sessions said "No-one who entered that room left as the same person."

You WILL learn to understand:

~ Your own strengths and challenges
~ How to prepare when there is no time TO prepare!
~ How to speak in short, punchy points, not get lost in big long-winded waffle (Hint: Think in Bullet Points)
~ The Power of the Pause - without looking like your mind has gone blank
~ How to think it through so that you are NEVER lost for words ever again
~ When to jump in and when to hold back
~ That it's actually easier than you think

A lot of it is about Mindset. Let's get you into THE right state - not A right state!

You will have take-aways that you can put into action immediately - and some specific ideas on areas that need a bit more thought and practice.


Membership Discounts

I've absorbed the Eventbrite fees of £15 per ticket for everyone.

As well as discounts for everyone if you book all 3 Skill-Builder Sessions in one booking, there are discounts available for various membership groups to which I have a connection whether you are a member or regular attender.

These discounts are for the following groups (you may be asked to verify membership/guest attendance):

PSA, EEC, BizSocial, Revitalise, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and 4N.

Enter your promo code at Checkout. If you have not seen your promo-code, email me sj@ScottJohnston.net.


Location will be advised a few days in advance of each session. It will be in Glasgow city centre, a short walk from Queen St Station and Central Station.

Refund Policy

No refunds: No refunds at any time but you can send a substitute or defer on to one of the later sessions.

Refreshments and light lunch included - please advise of any dietary requirements when booking, or by email well in advance.


By purchasing a ticket you agree to photography and video footage being taken and used by Scott Johnston for promoting his business and all copyright vests with Scott Johnston - but please be re-assured that no embarrassing photos or videos will be used (well, unless you agree!).


Book a ticket for each of the dates if you can attend 1 or 2 sessions.

Book one multi-ticket to attend all 3 sessions.

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Date and Time


Glasgow City Centre


United Kingdom

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