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Spinnaker Tower Challenge

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Spinnaker Tower


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Join Alabaré's exclusive Spinnaker Tower Challenge – a 100 metre abseil and exclusive Big Sleep at the top of the tower.

All participants will be raising vital funds for Alabaré's work with homeless and vulnerable people.


Abseil 100m down the side of this iconic building. Take in the spectacular views of The Solent as you descend, including HMS Victory in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

You can choose to abseil on Saturday 14th March or Sunday 15th March 2020. The day will run from 8am until 4pm.

Big Sleep:

For the first time ever Alabaré is bringing The Big Sleep to Spinnaker Tower. The Big Sleep welcomes those who want to take a stand against homelessness by swapping their beds for sleeping bags, to raise funds and awareness for those who are forced to call the streets home.

Enjoy the sparkling night time views of Portsmouth Harbour before bedding down 110 metres above sea level.

The Big Sleep will start at 8pm on Saturday 14th March and end at 6am on Sunday 15th March.

Taking Part:

Take part in one of our events and if you are feeling particularly brave why not abseil and sleep over?

If you are abseiling and sleeping over with us we will do our best to give you your preferred abseiling time slot. Please book early to ensure availability.

An event pack will be sent to your home address closer to the date of the event. If you have signed up for the Big Sleep, it will contain a kit list.

If you are abseiling, you can collect your t-shirt from us on the day. Please ensure you fill in the question regarding t-shirt size when you sign up.

Participants who are abseiling must be aged 14 or over.

Participant who are joining us for the Big Sleep but not abseiling, pledge to raise a minimum of £100 for Alabaré (£50 for anyone aged 14-18).

Participants who are abseiling pledge to raise a minimum of £200 for Alabaré's services.

Participants who are abseiling and taking part in the Big Sleep pledge to raise a minimum of £300 for Alabaré's services

About Alabaré:

We are a charity, founded in 1991, that supports homeless, vulnerable and marginalised people. We help them transform their lives, providing accommodation and helping them gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to live a fulfilled life. Each year we enable around 2,000 people come off the streets but our work is challenging and the challenge is getting bigger, with the number of rough sleepers increasing. Heartbreakingly, more than 700 people died on our streets last year.

Within our Homes and Services we work with:

  • Rough sleepers
  • Armed Forces Veterans
  • Young people
  • Adults with learning disabilities

Our vision is a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

Event, Media and Sponsorship Enquiries:

fundraising@alabare.co.uk / 01722 346548


Requirements to abseil:

Each participant must be:

1.1 14 years of age or over

1.2 A weight of less than 130kg/21stone/286lbs which is the maximum weight our harnesses can bear.

1.3 If you do not meet these criteria you will not be allowed to abseil

1.4 You may be required to produce proof of age for any person whom we reasonably believe is under 18 years of age.

1.5 The abseil is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

Alcohol and substances

2.1 Abseilers must not be under the influence of alcohol or legal or illegal substances which would make it unsafe for them to participate in the abseil or to understand the instructions given by the abseiling contractors.

2.2 You will not be allowed to participate if we suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or legal or illegal substances which we believe would make it unsafe for you to abseil. No refunds will be given in this case.

Physical requirements

3.1 Abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower requires physical exertion to complete the descent. You are required to read the details of the abseil before placing your booking and you acknowledge you have been made aware of the activities involved in the abseil.

3.2 You must be capable of taking part in the abseil unaided. You will be responsible for following the instructions given to you during your safety briefing.

3.3 The forces exerted during the abseil may activate or aggravate pre-existing physical injuries, conditions and symptoms or congenial defects and we shall not have liability whatsoever for the activation or aggravation of any such injuries, conditions, symptoms or defects save where they have been caused by our negligence or that of the abseil contractor.

3.4 You are responsible for ensuring that you are in a fit state to participate in the abseil and are able to participate in a manner which will not put at risk your health & safety or the health and safety of bystanders below you and agree that you have made all adults in your booking aware of the same.

3.5 We do not recommend the abseil to anyone with vertigo. We are unable to advise you on medical conditions so if you are in any doubt as to whether or not you are fit to take part we would advise you to consult with a medical professional.

3.6 It is your responsibility to notify us in advance of placing your booking of any special access requirements you may have as we may not be able to accommodate all special access requirements if we have not been made aware of them prior to the date of visit which may result in not being allowed admission without refund. If requested, you agree to provide a certificate of fitness from your General Practitioner or such other medical practitioner as we may reasonably request to confirm you are in a fit state of health to participate in the abseil.

3.7 If you have any conditions or concerns that may impact your ability to safely complete the abseil which you have not notified us of in advance then you should notify us on the day of your visit. We will use reasonable endeavours to make arrangements to facilitate your abseil, however, taking into account your health & safety and of those around you we reserve the right, without refund, to refuse permission to participate in the abseil if we believe it would jeopardise your health & safety or that of other participants. Guests are requested to address specific access requirements in advance of their booking by contacting l.knight@alabare.co.uk . We will always endeavour to accommodate special access requirements, due to the nature of abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower and our obligations to health & safety of all our guests there may be times when we are unable to accommodate your specific needs.

Declaration and Waiver:

4.1 You and all members of your party will be required to sign a Declaration and Waiver Form on the day of your visit prior to your abseil. You will be required to sign this on your own behalf. If you are 14-18 or bringing someone who is, then please email Laura to ask for the waiver to be sent over to you so that a parent or guardian can sign it prior to the day. L.Knight@alabare.co.uk

The Weather

5.1 Abseils will take place in all weather conditions other than high winds, lightning, heavy snow or ice or extreme weather conditions which we reasonably believe make it unsafe to participate in the abseil. Refunds will not be issued where the Spinnaker Tower is open and you are dissatisfied with the weather.

5.2 In the event of cancellation due to poor weather conditions Alabaré and the Spinnaker Tower will arrange an alternative date.

5.4 Long hair must be tied back by an elasticated hair band and not with any item which could cause harm or injury if it were to fall off during the abseil.

5.5 Fancy dress is permitted in certain circumstances. However all outfits must not be loose/baggy so that they will get caught in the abseil equipment and cause a safety issue. Specifically no capes and no mankini’s may be worn whilst taking part in the abseil.

5.6 You should wear closed toed footwear with flat rubber soles such as trainers, sport and hiking shoes and not leather shoes without grips or shoes with heels. Refusal to wear appropriate footwear will result in you not being allowed to abseil and no refund will be given.

5.7 Participants will be given no longer than 10 minutes to commence their abseil once at the departure point. If another slot is available on the same day we will reschedule the abseil, otherwise it will be cancelled with no refund.

Your behaviour:

6.1 Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Spinnaker Tower.

6.2 You will not by your acts or omissions damage or deface the fabric of the building of the Spinnaker Tower, the abseiling equipment used with the abseil, and any equipment provided to you by us.

6.3 You will handle all equipment solely as directed by the abseil contractor, and you will not remove or interfere in any way whatsoever with the equipment after it has been fitted by the abseil contractor. If you wish to make any adjustments to the equipment you must notify the abseil contractor who will be able to assist you.

6.4 You will not cause any nuisance, distress, annoyance, fear or concern to any other abseiler or visitor to the Spinnaker Tower, by your acts or omissions. Any persons acting in breach of conditions will be immediately ejected from the attraction without refund.

6.5 You may be ejected from the Spinnaker Tower if your behaviour poses or is likely to pose a health & safety risk; affects or may affect the enjoyment of the other abseilers; affects or may affect the enjoyment of any of our guests; affects or may affect the running of the abseil; is unacceptable; is in breach of the law; is in breach of these terms and conditions; if you use abusive or insulting words and or you appear to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

6.6 In case of emergency you must let the abseil contractor take over if necessary.

Photography and recording:

7.1 CCTV and film cameras are in operation at the Spinnaker Tower for the security of our guests an to produce souvenir photos and videos. By purchasing a booking and attending the Spinnaker Tower you give your express consent to all CCTV filming and to your photograph being taken and your climb being filmed by us or on our behalf by our contractors and to your actual or simulated likeness being included with any film, photograph, audio and /or audio visual recording.

7.2 If you or someone in your party is aged 14-18 then a parent or guardian must sign a photographic concent form prior to the event. For this form please contact Laura on L.Knight@alabare.co.uk

7.3 You further hereby agree that any footage may be used by us or our contractors in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world including use in commercial distribution or use for commercial or promotional purposes or the display of all such footage within the retail/photography area of the Spinnaker Tower without any compensation to you. Such use may include, without limitation, the production of souvenir photographs and/or video for the purchase by the climbers without payment or compensation to you.

7.4 The copyright of all such footage shall be owned by the Spinnaker Tower and may only be used or reproduced by you if you purchase such footage and only for private and domestic purposes and not for any commercial purposes.

7.5 Only cameras provided by the Spinnaker Tower or those supplied by our nominated contractors will be used as part of the abseil. Abseil participants may not provide their own cameras for use whilst completing the abseil.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

For the first time ever, we can invite anyone 14 or older to abseil with us. Anyone wishing to sleep out must also be aged 14.

Where will the Big Sleep be taking place?

We have the opportunity to sleep rough on three of the decks of the Tower, including the open air garden, which is an option depending on the weather on the night. The other two decks are not open to the elements but you will be sleeping on the hard floor.

Can I bring food to the Big Sleep?

A full kit list will be issued in your pack. Food and drink will be available to purchase so you don't need to bring anything to eat. In the morning, Alabaré will give everyone a hot bacon roll and drink.

Is there access to toilets?


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Spinnaker Tower


United Kingdom

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