7 core skills for the future of digital leadership

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Please note this is an online event.

In digital leadership people can often feel:

  • Pressured by time, budget, and quality

  • Challenged by different and ever-changing personalities

  • Overwhelmed by an ever-changing digital landscape

  • A struggle to manage yourself, as well as managing others

  • Relationships within your team are breaking down

A constant need to negotiate a compromise between conflicting demands

  • Fragmented, misunderstood and unappreciated

So you react by:

  • Working more hours

  • Taking shortcuts on time, budget, and quality

  • Doing the work yourself and stopping delegation of tasks

  • Going with it even though you know it’s the wrong or an outdated approach or solution

  • Losing focus, stopping caring and checking out

When none of this works, typically you:

  • Are unable to deliver the results and are held accountable for the failures

  • Lose the confidence and trust of your team and your client

  • Become stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out

I imagine this sounds familiar! Start to think differently!

This webinar introduces you to the 7 skills for the future of digital leadership and how harnessing these can have a positive impact on you and your performance, raising your self awareness of the following skills of:

  • Empathy - Nurture your relationships by learning to actively listen and understand others

  • Integrity - Trust, values, principles and honesty are even more important now we have less time

  • Resilience - You will make mistakes, but it’s all about bouncing back, learning from experience and moving on to the next challenge

  • Being Proactive - Show you’re a self-starter - respond rather than react, and learn to reinvent yourself.

  • Optimism - Leave disappointments behind - this is about keeping a positive attitude no matter what life throws at you

  • Adaptability - Change is all around us - respond better to opportunities by being flexible and agile

  • Critical Thinking - Keep an open mind - think smarter, more resourcefully, creatively and collaboratively

This is not about communication and presentation skills but about going deeper, driving behaviour change that will positively impact approaches to work and life.

If you want to make more strategic decisions and lead teams with confidence, join me:

Topic: 7 core skills for the future of digital leadership
When: 18th September @ 7pm

***Access to the event: You will be sent a link to access the webinar following registration***

Look forward to seeing you online!


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